Zynga would stay with Facebook for at least five more years

Zynga would stay with Facebook for at least five more years

Some people would say that Zynga is the reason a lot of people are spending so much time on Facebook.

However, it is hard to imagine if Zynga would have been so popular if they had not relied on Facebook for its social networking features.

Zynga is the company behind some of the most popular social games on the Facebook network. Some of their games are played by so many people that it outnumbers the number of users of the Twitter network!

Here are some of the games from Zynga: FarmVille, Treasure Isle, Zynga Poker, Mafia Wars, YoVille, Cafe World, FishVille and PetVille. You might have heard about a couple of them!

The two companies have been working closely with each other though we have seen a couple of conflicts in the past.

The more recent problems have been related to the implementation of Facebook Credits feature which is to become the sole payment mode for services operating on Facebook.

Facebook has good reasons to enforce this system as they are charging a 30% cut on every transaction made using it!

Zynga generates a lot of money from their Facebook hosted games through features like virtual items which are sold for real money.

They have been using different payment sources but are being forced to switch to Facebook Credits. This means that they would have to pay 30% of the revenues generated as fees to the service.

There were reports in the market that this problem could result in Zynga disconnecting themselves from the Facebook network.

However, the two companies have managed to settle their differences. The details have not been revealed. Though both the parties are said to be happy with the agreement. It would see Zynga stay on Facebook for at least the next five years. And they would start using Facebook Credits on all of their services and games.

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