Yishan Wong is named the new CEO of Reddit!

In a surprising development, we now have a brand new CEO of the Reddit.

Yishan Wong is the new CEO and he has posted an interesting blog post on how he got the job.

Yishan Wong is named the new CEO of Reddit!

He has previously worked at Facebook and was doing freelance consulting for the last couple of months.

He is an engineer and has experience in leading teams of engineers. This made him suitable for the job as Reddit is of course not a conventional company.

Wong spoke about his appointment:

At first, I didn’t really quite believe I was a serious candidate. It didn’t seem real, and I knew that I didn’t match the profile of what you might consider (or so I thought) a CEO candidate. I don’t have the polish and the poise and the schmoozing, and I don’t play golf. Instead, I’m an engineer and a leader of engineers and I play Starcraft (poorly). But as I continued the conversations, I came to understand that reddit wasn’t looking for a conventional CEO candidate, because reddit is not a conventional company.

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