Yahoo! supports DRM free music download service

Yahoo! supports DRM free music download service

Search engine giants and the operators of a digital music service, Yahoo! has somewhat taken on the anti-piracy measures taken by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Yahoo’s digital music service executive has suggested in a statement that music labels should consider selling their content on the internet without any digital rights management (DRM) software.

Dave Goldberg, Yahoo Music vice president and general manager said: “There is a cost associated with DRM, and that is lost sales of content.” He also claimed that DRM makes it complicated for the consumer to purchase and use the digital content for his pleasure thereby hindering the sales in the longer run.

He also said that most customers of digital music from the internet are not actually going again online to buy songs considering these difficulties they face on loading them on to various players where conflicts occur due to the DRM technologies. However, this statement comes at the time when Apple had just announced the sale of the one-billionth song from their iTunes store.

However, market analysts believe that it is perhaps too late to consider taking such a massive step. With more than billion songs sold worldwide with DRM technology incorporated, not many music companies would be interested in taking the chance to sell music without any copy protection.

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