Yahoo discontinuing a bunch of mobile apps

Yahoo recently announced that they were going to increase focus on the mobile market which is growing at a rapid pace.

Yahoo discontinuing a bunch of mobile apps

The company however has disappointing news today as they are shutting down around 10 mobile apps.

Some of these are fairly well known.

Yahoo! Meme (Apple iPad and Apple iPhone)
Yahoo! Mim (Apple iPad)
Yahoo! Answers (Google Android)
Yahoo! AppSpot (Google Android and Apple iPhone)
Yahoo! Deals (Apple iPhone)
Yahoo! Finance (BlackBerry)
Yahoo! Movies (Google Android)
Yahoo! News (Google Android)
Yahoo! Shopping (Apple iPhone)
Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search (Apple iPad and Apple iPhone)

The company said that they decided to discontinue these apps based on the popularity amongst the users on the specific platform.

Some apps would see their features getting migrated to other apps for a better end user experience.

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