Xmarks is blocked by airtel Broadband!

Indian ISPs have been creating a nuisance for their subscribers by blocking access to perfectly legal web services.

We have already seen some ISPs blocking services like Pastebin and Vimeo.

And now, Xmarks is blocked on airtel Broadband.

Xmarks.com shows the message that it has been blocked on instructions by the DoT. www.xmarks.com loads the service which means that the block has been implemented in a very crude manner.

Xmarks is blocked by airtel Broadband!
Xmarks is blocked by airtel Broadband!

I ran a traceroute to the xmarks domain and noticed that it passes through flagtel.com which is I believe owned by Reliance. Reliance of course is behind the block on tons of websites in India.

Xmarks is of course a bookmark syncing service which has nothing to do with digital media distribution.

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