XBMC for Android launching soon!

Developers behind the XBMC project have announced that they are working on XBMC for Android.

XBMC for Android launching soon!

The source code is now available and they plan to release beta builds in the near future.

This project is going to offer a fully functional XBMC on Android devices. They plan to support Android based smartphones, tablets and set top boxes.

Developers spoke about the project in a blog post:

The feature-set on Android is the same that you have come to expect from XBMC, no different from its cousin on the desktop. Running your favorite media-center software on small, cheap, embedded hardware is about to become a hassle-free reality. And as Android-based set-top-boxes are becoming more and more ubiquitous, it couldn’t be a better time. In fact, primary development was done on a Pivos XIOS DS set-top-box. And that is no coincidence, you will notice that Pivos is now listed as an official sponsor (more on that later). XBMC is stable and works great there, as well as on various tablets and phones. Though with Android, as many of you probably know, that is only the beginning of the story.

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