WordPress.com offering refuge to Splinder.com bloggers

Automattic has launched an importer for Splinder.com blogs on their WordPress.com platform.

The company is providing this option to enable any existing Splinder.com blogger to switch to their platform.

WordPress.com offering refuge to Splinder.com bloggers

Splinder.com is an Italian blogging platform that is shutting down later this month.

WordPress.com said:

Italian blogging service Splinder.com is closing down at the end of this month, and we’d like to extend a hearty “Benvenuto” to any Splinder users who’re looking for a new blogging home. To help make migration easier, we’ve added a Splinder importer to WordPress.com. If you’d like to make the move, please go ahead and get started now so that there’s time before the January 31st deadline to work out any issues.

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