Woopra 2.0 Beta (Web Version) released

Woopra 2.0 Beta (Web Version) released

Woopra has launched the second edition of their web based panel in beta.

The idea is to deliver the capabilities of their desktop edition inside a web browser.

The company said that the web browsers have evolved so much today that they are able to deliver the same experience of a desktop app inside them.

Woopra said:

The Web has changed today, browsers are ready to handle desktop class web applications. We’re not waiting any longer. Three months ago, I started developing a Web Application taking into consideration all the advantages of the Desktop App. HTML5 has been a fantastic move on the web and we’re milking it to deliver the best user experience.

Today, we have launched Woopra 2.0 Beta, the Desktop App clone in your browser. It’s still an on going project and we’ll be adding features more frequently than before because the technology permits it.

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