Logitech launches wireless headphones for Apple iPod

Logitech launches wireless headphones for Apple iPod

Apple iPod has become more than just a digital music player. It is looked upon as more of a fashion icon by today’s generation and everyone seems to have one or the other model in their pockets. Along with the music player device, the cute white headphones have also become quite famous in the tech world. However, Logitech has plans to get them replaced with their own headphones, which feature wireless connectivity to the Apple iPod.

The company has just released the Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod. The user can snap in the Logitech wireless adapter onto an iPod or iPod mini and the speakers connects to the adapter through a Bluetooth signal, which works from as much as 30 feet away. This gives ultimate portability to the owners of iPod as they can keep the iPod in their bags and still listen to the music playing on it without worrying about the hanging wires.

This product is even more convenient as it features volume adjustment and other music controls like play, pause, or track selection through buttons that are built right into the headphones! To make them look part of the whole iPod concept, Logitech has made sure that their product looks and feels like it. For example, the controls on the headset resemble the digital music player’s scroll wheel.

The company came out with this product after heavy consumer demand. Susan Ross, Logitech spokesperson said in a statement: “It takes away the hassle of being tethered. And since you don’t even have to touch the iPod to control the features, it just gives people more freedom to use the iPod however they like.”

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