Microsoft unveils Windows Vista beta 2

Microsoft unveils Windows Vista beta 2

Microsoft has just released the official beta 2 of their upcoming operating system Windows Vista. This brings this much delayed and awaited operating system to the masses. Vista is scheduled for mass release early next year and the company wants as much testing as possible on this latest beta.

The company has been releasing preview versions of Vista for limited testing but this one is more widely available.

Microsoft also confirmed that the product is on track for its scheduled launch. Vista would be coming in three faces, depending on both the hardware capabilities of the PC and the version purchased by the consumer.

They just recently released the minimum hardware requirement for running six various configurations of computers. One of the primary update in this version is the newly developed Aero interface. However, it would support only the higher end versions and would require high-end hardware.

Microsoft also showcased a new document format for MS Word XPS (XML Paper Specification). It would be useful for people who do not own the MS Word application but still want to view the document for access and printing. Internet Explorer would be one of the many applications, which would open XPS files.

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