Microsoft launches Windows Defender Offline Beta

Microsoft has launched an offline edition of their Windows Defender anti-malware app.

Microsoft launches Windows Defender Offline Beta

The company said that this version can be installed on a removable drive and can be run on infected machines.

It requires around 250MB free space on the disk. The company warns that the definitions would still have to be updated on a regular basis to ensure that the tool is effective with latest malware and viruses.

Microsoft added:

Sometimes, malicious and other potentially unwanted software, including rootkits, try to install themselves on your PC. This can happen when you connect to the Internet or install some programs from a CD, DVD, or other media. Once on your PC, this software might run immediately, or it might run at unexpected times. Windows Defender Offline Beta can help remove such hard to find malicious and potentially unwanted programs using definitions that recognize threats. Definitions are files that provide an encyclopedia of potential software threats. Because new threats appear daily, it’s important to always have the most up-to-date definitions installed in Windows Defender Offline Beta. Armed with definition files, Windows Defender Offline Beta can detect malicious and potentially unwanted software, and then notify you of the risks.

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