RealNetworks to offer Web-based Rhapsody subscription music service

RealNetworks to offer Web-based Rhapsody subscription music service

RealNetworks Inc. has announced that they are soon going to launch a Web-based version of its Rhapsody subscription music service. With this, Real becomes just the latest of the many more companies which aims to capitalize on growing consumer interest in web based software and services that can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet.

The Web-based Rhapsody service would enable the users to listen to their purchased or subscribed songs over the internet at any location without requiring them to install any third party software on the computer. This makes the service platform independent, as the user would only require a web browser to access the internet-based service.

RealNetworks is expected to launch the beta version of this service today and it should make it easier for their customers to access their acquired digital content on the move. However, this content would only be available in streaming as the user would still require the Rhapsody application on a personal computer to download it for offline access.

RealNetworks Chief Executive Rob Glaser even claimed that users should test out the free version of the service, which gives them access to 25 songs per month. He said: “If it turns out the vast majority decide they want to listen for free that’s great because the Internet advertising market is doing pretty well, too.” Looks like online advertisement concept is going to benefit this market of consumers as well in the longer run.

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