Volvo recalls 42,000 trucks in the United States

Volvo recalls 42,000 trucks in the United States

Automotive giants Volvo are highly regarded for their safe vehicles. However, the company is facing a minor issue with their trucks manufactured in the US market as they have just recalled as many as 42,000 trucks. The company is recalling Volvo VN and VHD trucks due to issues discovered in their exhaust system.

The company recently discovered that the inlet pipes on trucks’ exhaust gas recirculation systems might crack or break. If this is not fixed, their can be potential problems that can result in a fire. Volvo also confirmed that they have received reports of cases of heat damage out of which two resulted in fire. However, no injuries have been reported due to these mishaps.

Volvo’s American division would be inspecting and replacing any damaged parts in the recalled trucks and also install a heat shield on all trucks. The process of these fixes is expected to last just around an hour’s time of the owner. The company has also specified that the owners of affected models can continue to drive their trucks but should be careful about any potential exhaust leaks or noise coming from the engine compartment.

The company also has plans to contact all the owners of affected vehicles personally.

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