Volvo launches four new diesel-powered models in South Korea

Volvo launches four new diesel-powered models in South Korea

Volvo is now aiming at expanding their operations in the South Korean market. The company has just launched four new vehicles in this market and all of these are powered by Diesel engines. This launch of four simultaneous models also marks the first time any foreign company has launched so many vehicles in a single day in the country.

Volvo launched just two vehicles in the entire last year and with these new launches are aimed to expand their presence in the South Korean market, which is largely dominated by local players like Hyundai. The four new models included two sports sedans, one sport utility vehicle, and one leisure-type vehicle. Volvo has powered all of these four new models with the powerful five-cylinder D5 engine.

The company has high expectations from their S60 D5 and S60 2.4D models. Volvo claims that these vehicles would deliver exceptional fuel efficiency while providing gasoline engine performance. The Volvo vehicles also have a great reputation when it comes to vehicle safety. These Volvo’s are also equipped with whiplash protection system, in which the front seats and their headrests are designed to provide uniform support for the entire back and head during the collision sequence.

The other model, XC90 D5 SUV comes equipped with roll stability control, which minimizes the possibility of cars’ overturn by automatically gauging the wheels’ revolving speed during cornering. And the Volvo XC70 D5 is a cross country-concept leisure vehicle, is aimed at consumers interested in family-cars with sufficient internal space for their trips during weekends.

Volvo has further plans to launch two more models during the second quarter.

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