VoIP on rise in USA

VoIP on the rise in USA

Consumers in the United States have become fast adopters of the VoIP technology. 2005 has been amazing for this industry. The number of subscribers in US tripled to almost 4.5 million and the VoIP industry revenues crossed USD 1 billion for the first time in its history.

These figures have been released by the analysis firm TeleGeography who claims that US had close to around 1.3 million VoIP customers at the starting of the year 2005. The last three months of 2005 alone saw a massive jump in the number of subscribers with around 900,000 people signing for VoIP connection.

VoIP technology uses a broadband connection to transmit voice signals from one subscriber to another. This results in massive cost cuttings for the customers, as they do not have to rely upon the traditional methods of telephony. Vonage is the market leaders in the country with close to 1.2 million subscribers at the end of the year.

It is followed by Time Warner Inc.’s cable division who are catching the market leaders fast. However, compared to consumers of fixed line and mobile services, this figure is still miniscule and telecom companies have a lot of time before they would have to start worrying about VoIP technology.

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