Vista Capable stickers coming to powerful desktop machines

PC manufacturers to ship powerful new machines with ‘Vista Capable’ Stickers

Microsoft has confirmed that their upcoming operating system Windows Vista is delayed to the first month of next year. This means that you cannot get a system with Vista preinstalled on it for around 9-10 more months.

However, if you still want to buy a new machine but want to make sure that it would be powerful enough to run the Vista operating system, you can buy machines, which are ‘Vista Capable’!

The software company has launched a program, which would enable system builders to ship machines, which are powerful enough with the ‘Vista Capable’ stickers. However, this program is only applicable for machines, which are delivered to the home consumers.

For a machine to be declared compatible with Windows Vista operating system, it has to ship with at least 512 MB of internal memory and must be able to run Windows XP. It should also have a good graphic card capable of supporting at least the Microsoft’s latest DirectX 9 technology.

This would make sure that the systems would be able to run at least the basic versions of the Windows Vista operating system.

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