Vinton Cerf asks for internet neutrality

Vinton Cerf asks for internet neutrality

Vinton Cerf is often credited to be the father of the internet. And he is currently working for the search engine giant as a technology expert. He has called on the US government to help the technical companies in the country, which are increasingly facing challenges posed by the domestic telecom giants.

He asked the US lawmakers to enact proper laws, which prevents the telecom companies to put restrictions on service providers who challenge their domination in the market like VoIP service providers. In fact, ISPs in the US are increasingly pressurizing Google demanding that it pays up money for excessive bandwidth usage by the internet users in the country.

Cerf said in a statement that the future of the Internet is at risk if Congress does not pass a law prohibiting broadband providers from discriminating against competing Web applications and computer devices. He added that the government should prevent telecom companies from favoring their own services by slowing down access to competitors and from charging some Web sites for faster speeds.

However, the telecom companies in the country have protested claiming that they are not following such practices. Walter McCormick, president and chief executive of the United States Telecom Association (USTA) said in a statement: “Our commitment to our customers, our commitment to you is this: We will not block, impair, or degrade content, applications, or service. That is the plainest, most direct way I know to address the concerns that have been raised.”

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