Sony to use Flash memory in its Vaio U notebook

Sony to use Flash memory in its Vaio UX90 notebook

Sony has said that they are replacing the hard disk in its new model of its Vaio U laptop with flash memory storage.

The new version is scheduled for launch next week. This would make Sony Vaio U notebook to become the first such product in the market to feature flash memory storage.

Flash memory has many advantages over traditional hard disks. They are lighter, runs silently; offers faster data access, and uses less power. However, they are expensive and come in low capacities.

Sony would ship their Vaio UX90 with 16GB of flash memory storage in place of the 30GB hard drive on the original model. This notebook would come at a price of $1805, or about $345 more expensive than the disk-based model.

It would be interesting to see if consumers are interested in this product as it offers half the capacity at higher price. 16 Gigs is not much if we look at popular applications available in the market today.

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