UTStarcom GF200 cell phone combines GSM and VoIP over WiFi

UTStarcom GF200 cell phone combines GSM and VoIP over WiFi

UTStarcom has launched its new cell phone GF200 at the Consumer Electronic Show being held in Las Vegas. This phone is somewhat of a hybrid phone as it combines the GSM technology along with VoIP over WiFi. It aims to lessen the mobile bills for consumers by switching between mobile networks and VoIP depending upon the availability of services.

GSM is the traditional form of technology being used by mobile service providers since a long time and VoIP is a more recent development and is catching fast in the market. Many products are now available in the market, which uses the internet connections available through WiFi hotspots in the region. UTStarcom’s new cellphone converges the two technologies.

Unlike most other similar products available in the market, the GF200 looks and works like a mobile phone. It connects to both GSM and WiFi networks at the same time and can shift a phone call between the two protocols during the conversation. However, the phone is yet not capable of connecting to hotspots that require Web authentication. The company has however integrated the WEP authentication protocol in the phone.

However, considering such a phone would result in lessening of revenues for the mobile service providers, it is unlikely; many would be willing to offer them in the United States in the coming months. As a result, the company is basically targeting the European markets considering people buy a phone and a mobile connection separately.

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