uTorrent developers working on a Linux version!

uTorrent developers working on a Linux version!

uTorrent is undoubtedly the most popular bittorrent client in the world right now.

It has been available on the Windows platform since September 2005. A Mac OS X version was released in 2008.

The developers have now stated that they are working on a version for Linux.

They have taken this decision due to heavy demand from the users for a version for the Linux platform.

The original plan was to stick with Windows which is the most popular platform in the world. But demands from the users of uTorrent have again forced them to reconsider their stand.

BitTorrent Inc. spokesperson Jenna Broughton spoke about this new development:

Since launching our Idea Bank on uTorrent.com there has been significant demand for a native client for Linux. We obviously want to do our best to deliver whenever we see a good fit between our goals and capabilities and what our users say they want. We are committed to bringing a lightweight uTorrent client that embraces the usability and features of our Windows and Mac clients to Linux users.

Like the versions for Windows OS and Mac OS X, the Linux version would not be released under open source license.

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