USA, Brazil and Japan are the top three countries using Twitter

Semiocast has released their latest study related to which countries dominate the Twitter network.

USA dominates the Twitter user base with around 107 million accounts.

Brazil is now at the second spot. Japan is at third.

USA, Brazil and Japan are the two countries using Twitter

India is at the sixth spot which is pretty impressive considering the low number of internet users in our country.

UK and Indonesia are at the fourth and fifth spot.

Semiocast said:

This study reveals that users from the Netherlands are the most active within top countries. 33% of accounts located in the Netherlands posted at least one public message between September 1st, 2011 and November 30th, 2011, making the Netherlands the top country with the highest rate of Twitter users posting tweets, before Japan. The global average is only 27%, as many Twitter users mostly use the service to read tweets from others.

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