Sony’s PSP is a best seller

Sony’s PSP is a best seller

The latest news according to which a senior Sony representative admitted that Apple has thrashed them with iPod is not exactly the end of everything. They might have missed on to the digital music market, but they rule the gaming devices genre. PlayStation 2 is a massive success while PlayStation 3 is in the making already. Their recent offering PSP (PlayStation Portable) again has become a bestseller of its own!

Sony said yesterday that they have till now shipped around 8lakh units of the PSP in the market. However, they are not exactly impressed by these figures as their chief said that the market is much larger than this and the number should increase as the supplies match the demand. They expect to get this number raised to 3 million units by the end of March.

The number is also not realistic considering European and American market is yet to receive this high profile gadget. Sony should be supplying these huge markets in the month of March. Than we should be seeing some real overwhelming numbers. Sony has also taken another important step in the recent days.

They have applied to make their PSP Storage medium Universal Media Disc (UMD) a universal standard. This should let other manufacturers take advantage of this amazingly small disc with high capacity. The 2.4-inch big medium holds around 1.8GB data and Sony plans to offer music and movies on this for the PSP. This would further increase the mass-appeal of the gadget.

There are also rumors of Sony adding another module to the PSP to make it function like a mobile phone to put it in direct competition with Nokia N-Gage. That would really be cool! With Apple jumping in the segment with their collaboration with Motorola, Sony would get another chance to settle it against Apple!

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