Ubuntu One music store launched

Ubuntu One music store launched

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx would come loaded with the newly launched Ubuntu One music store.

Canonical has collaborated with 7digital to launch this digital media store.

The music store can be accessed from Rythmbox and it is integrated with Ubuntu One cloud storage that is provided for free to all Ubuntu users.

The service offers access to millions of songs that can be previewed and purchased using a credit card or PayPal.

The songs are then downloaded to the user’s Ubuntu One account. Canonical has not revealed the financial aspects of their deal with 7digital but it is likely to be beneficial to them. And the users of course!

One funny thing though. The music is offered in MP3 format (DRM free thankfully). Ubuntu does not support the MP3 format out of the box due to licensing issues. Users are however asked to install the required plug-ins as soon as they try to run a mp3 file.

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