Twitter: We are having problems and this might continue for a while

Twitter: We are having problems and this might continue for a while

Twitter has admitted on their blog post that they understand that they are going through a rough time and this might continue for a couple of more days.

The company stated that they had anticipated excessive traffic due to the ongoing Fifa World Cup. They had prepared for it. But some of the steps taken seems to have backfired leading to issues.

Twitter said that the problems might continue in the coming days but they are working on solutions that can resolve the problems for a longer period of time.

Lots of people are rightly upset about incorrect Tweet counts. We’re aware, and it will be fixed. Please RT. than a minute ago via web

The company said:

We have long-term solutions that we are working towards, but in the meantime, we are making real-time adjustments so that we can grow our capacity and avoid outages during the World Cup.

However, we were well aware of the likely impact of the World Cup. What we didn’t anticipate was some of the complexities that have been inherent in fixing and optimizing our systems before and during the event.

Over the next two weeks, we may perform relatively short planned maintenance on the site. During this time, the service will likely be taken down. We will not perform this work during World Cup games, and we will provide advance notification.

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