Twitter web app now much faster as hashbangs are killed from URLs!

Twitter web app now much faster as hashbangs are killed from URLs!

Twitter had promised this update a while ago and it has finally been delivered.

Tweet links no longer have the hashbangs (#!) which had considerably increased the loading time of tweets when they rolled out the New Twitter update.

Tweets would now load much faster in a desktop web browser as less processing is required to fetch the data.

The company said:

To improve the experience for everyone, we’ve been working to take back control of our front-end performance by moving the rendering to the server. This has allowed us to drop our initial page load times to 1/5th of what they were previously and reduce differences in performance across browsers. On top of the rendered pages, we asynchronously bootstrap a new modular JavaScript application to provide the fully-featured interactive experience our users expect. This new framework will help us rapidly develop new Twitter features, take advantage of new browser technology, and ultimately provide the best experience to as many people as possible. This week, we rolled out the re-architected version of one of our most visited pages, the Tweet permalink page. We’ll continue to roll out this new framework to the rest of the site in the coming weeks, so we’d like to take you on a tour of some of the improvements.

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