TweetMeme launches Google Chrome Extension

TweetMeme launches Google Chrome Extension

If you are a heavy user of Twitter, you might like the services provided by TweetMeme.

TweetMeme buttons are already found pretty much everywhere around the web making it easier for you to tweet a particular web page.

The company has now launched an extension for the users of Google Chrome who now gets a similar functionality on any web-page.

The extension adds a TweetMeme button on the browser which shows the TweetMeme count for the current web page. It also makes it easier to tweet the story right from within the browser.

TweetMeme launches Google Chrome Extension

The company speaks about this new extension:

With the TweetMeme Button Chrome Extension, you can take a mini TweetMeme Retweet Button with you wherever you go on the web. The button provides live tweet counts for millions of URLs across the web, right in your Chrome toolbar. You can easily tweet any page in just a few clicks, with the capability of editing the tweet before it’s sent.

We would personally love to use this extension but we are bigger fans of URL Shortener when it comes to tweeting from inside Google Chrome.

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