TweetDeck adds on support for Foursquare

TweetDeck adds on support for Foursquare

TweetDeck has launched a new version of their Twitter app. They have now added support for the Foursquare location based service.

User can connect his Foursquare account to TweetDeck which adds on a Location column on the application.

This column has a dedicated section for the world map that showcases the locations of your friends.

This is a handy update for TweetDeck users who are also fans of the Foursquare service.

New features:

Update Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and now Google Buzz and Foursquare
Check-in to Foursquare direct from the client
View YouTube videos within TweetDeck, and record and share video clips though TwitVid
Use our scheduling feature to check-in or send a tweet in the future
Use the Global Filter to remove unnecessary tweets by account, service or hashtag
Add networks that use a compatible Twitter API, like WordPress and Tumblr

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