Tweetbot 2.3 released for both iPhone and iPad

Tweetbot 2.3 released for both iPhone and iPad

Tapbots has launched a new version of Tweetbot Twitter client for both Apple iPhone and iPad platforms.

This looks like a major update with a long changelog:

– New tweet detail view with inline conversations and replies (swipe right to left on a tweet for quick access)
– New gesture in tweet detail to get back to the timeline quickly (swipe left to right)
– New conversation view now contains both the conversation and replies (swipe left to right on a tweet for quick access)
– Ability to email conversations or post a link to them via Storify when in the conversation view
– Droplr Support
– Video thumbnails now have a “play” icon to differentiate it from image thumbnails
– Timeline sync bookmark icon is now an optional setting
– Reorganized tweet drawer (last two buttons have gone through some options reorganization)
– Added thumbnail support for Vimeo links
– Higher res image uploads when on wifi
– Hold down compose tweet button to quickly open last draft
– Support for $stock links
– Improved email format when sending tweets, DMs, or conversations as email
– Arabic Localization

Tweetbot has become one of the most popular Twitter clients on the iOS platform. We are still looking for something as capable for Android.

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