Computer worm pretends as a Tsunami Plea

Computer worm pretends as a Tsunami Plea

If human tragedy was not enough, people are now using tsunami sentiments to spread computer worms. The latest news in is that a mass email worm is spreading around on the Internet which comes pretending to be a Tsunami relief plea. The mail claims to be providing a way to help the victims of the natural tragedy, which hit our planet during the last days of last year. Anti-Virus firm Sophos has confirmed the existence of this worm.

It comes as an email with the subject line “Tsunami donation! Please help!” Like many other mass mailing worms, it also tempts user into running an attachment. The filename in this case is predictably “tsunami.exe”. If the user falls for the trap, the mail sends itself to other users in the victim’s address book. Very typical mass mailing worm behavior it displays.

The other damage it might cause in addition to being a nuisance is that it attempts to DDoS a particular German hacking website. This can led to that site being bombarded with network traffic resulting in its malfunctioning.

This is the second major attempt to fool users into spreading a worm, which is related to the Tsunami Tragedy. Earlier this month another mail message was doing the rounds on the internet. Luckily, the spread of these worms have been limited, as experience seems to have worked for computer users who no longer run attachments from unknown sources.

Other similar mail scams included chain letters asking the receivers to donate small amount of money. Security firms recommend computer users to keep their Anti-Virus applications updated with latest signature files and avoid opening mails from unknown sources.

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