Porsche impressed by Toyota Prius

Porsche impressed by Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius not only won the 2005 European Car of the Year title few days back, it also attracted attention of Porsche. With its hybrid engine technology, Prius is the most environment friendly car on sale today. And Porsche wants to gain from Toyota’s experience.

The famous marquee has asked the Japanese manufacturer to share their expertise that goes into making the Prius car. Toyota has reportedly responded positively, which is good for the automobile industry considering pollution has become a major global problem.

Prius combines the power of a 1.5-litre petrol engine with a powerful electric motor. The car uses the electric motor for speeds up to 50kmph thus generating absolutely no pollution. Above that, the petrol engine kicks in for the extra power. The electric motor recharges itself during accelerating and braking removing the need for manual recharges.

Porsche seems to be interested in incorporating this technology in their hugely popular Cayenne off-roader and asking for Toyota’s help would save them investing heavily in developing the technology independently.

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