Toyota might build Prius in China

Toyota might build Prius in China

World’s second largest automaker Toyota has reportedly said that they would be starting to manufacture the successful Hybrid vehicle Toyota Prius in the Chinese market. This would be the first overseas production of hybrid vehicles this year in China for Toyota. The plan is to start building the car by the end of this year. Toyota would be manufacturing it at a planet run by Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor, a joint venture with China’s FAW Group, in the northeast Chinese city of Changchun.

Toyota executive vice-president Yoshimi Inaba said in a statement about their plans: “Toyota regards China as one of its most important markets. I hope that this project can help contribute, if even in a small way, to the expansion of economic development in Changchun and its region and to the solution of environmental issues in China.”

China needs to start investing into such hybrid cars considering the fact that it is the second largest producer of the greenhouse gases. And the way the market is growing in china, it is also expected to cross the United States in pollution records in the next couple of years. Toyota on their part has also expressed plans to expand their lineup of hybrid vehicles and want these vehicles to form at least 25% of their sales figures in the coming years.

Next year, Toyota plans to introduce two more hybrids — the Lexus GS hybrid sedan and a Camry hybrid built in the automaker’s Kentucky plant.

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