Toyota facing strikes at their Bidadi plant

Toyota facing strikes at their Bidadi plant

Toyota has done impressively well in the Indian market with their range of products like the Toyota Innova and Corolla. However, the company is facing serious problems with their worker’s union who have gone on strike without submitting any notice about it in advance. The Indian subsidiary of Toyota, Toyota Kirloskar Motor Ltd has now declared lockout for an indefinite period at its Bidadi car plant.

The lockout had to be announced to ensure the safety of those workers who are willing to work and not support the strike. They had some relief earlier this afternoon when the striking workers left the premises peacefully. However, Toyota believes that it was due to the intervention of the police and the protest can resume anytime.

Toyota is seeking the help of Deputy Labour Commissioner who has called on a meeting to solve the issues between two parties involved. Unfortunately, this incident occurred at a time when the company is deciding on a possible location for establishing their second unit to manufacture Toyota branded automobiles. Toyota recently received an approval from the government to put up an Rs 1,147-crore plant at Bidadi, near the existing plant, on 400 acres of land.

This strike by their worker’s unions might result in the company rethinking about their strategies to establish their second unit near their existing plant. As per sources, the striking workers are demanding that the company take back three workers whom they fired after an inquiry last year.

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