Touchscreen Technology on Apple products coming soon?

Touchscreen Technology on Apple products coming soon?

Some of the upcoming products from tech companies can be assumed by the patents they apply for. And the media is buzz with potential product upgrades which Apple Computers might be considering launching in the next couple of months are apparently with the new patent, which has been granted to the Macintosh maker.

Apple Computers has just got itself a patent for touch-screen technology by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The patent was originally filed on Jan. 31 last year and it has finally received an approval earlier this month. It relates to touch screen, touch pad, and other types of touch-sensing technology, which the company can potentially apply on their products like iPod, iMac, iBook, MacBook, and PowerBooks.

Apple has formally not issued any statement on how they look forward to implementing this patented technology on their products. Maybe they are now aiming to launch a Tablet Mac for its users around the world! However, companies like Apple files for such patents in large numbers every year and not all of them might see light of the day in the end. So it just might be kept in the coffers for the time being.

However, knowing apple, they just might be cooking something very special for their fans after all!

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