Apple working on button less Touchscreen enabled iPod?

Apple working on button less Touchscreen enabled iPod?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted Apple Computers a patent related to touch-screen technology. And as per ThinkSecret online magazine, one of the first products to get this technology is the hugely popular Apple iPod!

ThinkSecret claims that they have confirmed reports that Apple is indeed developing a button less Apple iPod Video player, which would be equipped with a 3.5-inch diagonal display with Touchscreen technology.

This means that the player would have a bigger display screen, which is very important for watching video content on the device, and users would be able to control the functions using the screen itself.

ThinkSecret also claims that the company has been developing this product since a long time and perhaps they were waiting for acquiring the patent to release the product in the market so as to prevent any unwanted lawsuits as they recently faced with Creative suing them for the UI of Apple iPod player.

Apple is said to be working with at least two companies on developing the digital click wheel display technology. And the company is expected to retain exclusive rights to usage of this technology for a specific period, which would enable it to market the product properly and capture the market before any competitor arrives with similar functionality.

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