Toshiba comes out with dual capability hybrid DVD

Toshiba comes out with dual capability hybrid DVD

Hardware manufacturers are in fix when it comes to settling down for a standard for DVDs. Toshiba, NEC and Sanyo are favoring a next-generation DVD standard called HD (high-definition) DVD while Sony and other giants of the industry are developing a competing Blu-ray standard.

Toshiba in their efforts to strengthen their bid have come up with a hybrid DVD disk, which can store both conventional and high-definition DVD formats. They manage to do this with dual-layer ROM (read-only) disc storing the conventional format data in the upper layer and HD DVD standard on the lower layer.

This comes in the light of the news that big movie studios like Warner Bros and Universal Pictures have lent their support for HD-DVD camp. Toshiba’s new DVD is aimed to make it easier for customers to move on easily to future standards.

Even Sony has claimed that it was possible to make a DVD that supports both the formats but is not yet working on it.

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