TiVo might give away set-top boxes to lure more customers

TiVo might give away set-top boxes to lure more customers

The company, which revolutionized the way Americans recorded television programs, is facing serious competition from newer players in the market. And the company has said that they might consider giving away set-top boxes in an effort to continue bringing in more customers and better the competition.

Chief Executive Tom Rogers said that the company was closer to offering a range of pricing options. One of these plans might offer free set-top boxes to their new customers. He said in a statement: “We’re continuing to pursue the prospects of zero upfront and all upfront.”

TiVo might go in for this risky deal provided customers agree to take up longer duration packages with a particular commitment for subscription. The company already has a solid subscriber base of around 4 million customers and they are coming under pressure from the market as their partners DirecTV is preparing a similar competitive service launch in the coming months.

Rogers added about their plans: “As much as we do get skepticism about our future, there are over 4 million TiVo subscribers — that number is growing. We feel that the notion that TiVo has hit some kind of distribution wall and is no longer a growth animal is not the case.”

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