Tiffany sues eBay for counterfeit goods sold on web store

Tiffany sues eBay for counterfeit goods sold on web store

Tiffany & Company has sued the online ecommerce giants eBay over counterfeit material sold on their website. The renowned jeweler company secretly purchased goods sold on the store being claimed to be genuine Tiffani material and found several of these units to be fake.

The lawsuit from the company blames eBay for letting these goods being sold online without any verification. They even goes ahead to claim that eBay not only facilitated counterfeit sales, but also made profit from them to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

EBay on their part have claimed that they do not take possession of goods sold through its site. This means that any good sold through their website goes without their verification. The company also says that their job is to make it easier for web users to sell and purchase online.

The lawsuit would go on trial sometime later this year and would be crucial for the company as if they lose, they might be instructed by the courts to verify all items sold online through their web store leading to excessive expense on their part. This would further require them to overhaul the entire system of letting consumers conduct online trading.

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