TextLinkAds: Interview with Patrick Gavin

TextLinkAds: Interview with Patrick Gavin

I had the chance to talk with Patrick Gavin yesterday of TextLinkAds. If you have not heard of TextLinkAds, you better get used to hearing about them as they have made a marketing push this month which may succeed in TextLinkAds being one of the most popular forms of site monetization besides Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

Unlike the forementioned offerings from Google and Yahoo, TextLinkAds is a bit different as it is not contextual advertising per say. TextLinkAds delivers both organic or java tracked link ads on top quality publisher sites and pays those publishers via a flat monthly rate per each link sold.

Additionally, one massive difference between TextLinkAds and the contextual advertising options on the market is that TextLinkAds is a kind of a hybrid between organic link buying and an advertising selling service. The links which are bought via TextLinkAds can be served as organic links, which if planned correctly can help the advertiser site improve in organic search engine rankings on Yahoo, Google, MSN Search and/or Ask Teoma.

The mix offered via TLA is beneficial for SEO, attracting targeted traffic, and also benefiting the publishers financially in the TextLinkAds network.

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