Tesco Telecoms launches internet phone service

Tesco Telecoms launches internet phone service

The latest player in the United Kingdom to enter the lucrative and ever growing VoIP market is none other than the Supermarket giant Tesco. Tesco has just announced their entry in this market with the launch of an internet phone service to attract the growing number of consumers who are moving from traditional landline phone connectivity to VoIP based services.

As per latest statistics, as many 8.1 million UK households already have broadband access at their homes and a lot of these customers are using VoIP to make telephone calls all around the world. VoIP enables the customers to route their international calls through internet rather than traditional telecom companies leading to cheaper calls.

Skype is currently the market leaders in the software segment and were recently acquired by ecommerce giants eBay for a huge premium. There is a huge potential user base, which is waiting to be targeted by these new players in the market, and Tesco would be looking at reaching out to that particular audience.

The company is making their VoIP service as easy and accessible as a regular telephone. However, they would require the user to have a computer at home with the essential broadband connectivity. Tesco claims that their services would focus on “simplicity, value and no hidden charges”.

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