MAGIX Youcast: Live streaming with Intel® RealSense™ technology

MAGIX presents Youcast, the simplest live streaming software for gamers, musicians, and performers of all kinds. Youcast is the perfect software for anyone who wants to start a live stream on YouTube or Twitch – from how-to videos to gaming, shopping hauls to tutorials. The program’s intuitive interface and practical templates make it easy for anyone to start their own live stream without any technical experience. Support from Intel® RealSense™ technology makes it possible to remove backgrounds without using a green screen, so users can make their streams totally unique.

“Intel RealSense Technology is a fascinating way to interact with your computer and to change the way reality can be perceived. With MAGIX Youcast, we proudly support the RealSense background extraction functionality and believe it’s essential for making this software as great and unique as it is.” – Sven Kardelke, VP Product Management Video, MAGIX Software GmbH

Youcast includes a range of templates for live shows, game-plays and screen capturing, so users can get started in the world of streaming right away. The program allows anyone to live stream over their favorite video platforms without having to worry about complicated settings.

Live Cast is aimed at performing artists and vloggers, who either stream live or want to plan their broadcast in advance. With Live Cast, you add all the media you want to use later to your screen before broadcasting. Then, while you’re streaming, you can open the songs, photos, and videos you’ve added with a click.

Game Cast is the best template for gamers who want to live stream their Let’s Plays. This picture-in-picture template shows you your game in full-screen and you can add comments in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Screen Cast lets people share their knowledge via professional live broadcasts. This template displays the desktop directly in full screen and is perfect for live streaming tutorials, interviews, workshops, webinars, and other types of presentations.

“Intel RealSense Technology is a fascinating way to interact with your computer and to change the way reality can be perceived. With MAGIX Youcast, we proudly support the RealSense background extraction functionality and believe it’s essential for making this piece of software as great and unique as it is.” – Sven Kardelke, VP Product Management Video, MAGIX Software GmbH

Although it works with all webcams, Youcast is the first streaming software that also fully integrates Intel® RealSense™ technology for users. This technology enables users to swap out backgrounds automatically in real time without using a green screen – so they can use their own pictures as a background for their live stream. Additionally, the automatic image optimization feature provides for flawless images. To add an even more creative touch to live streams, text and filter effects, such as a sepia or black and white, can be added in real time in Youcast.

“Intel® RealSense™ technology provides fantastic user experiences across a broad range of new applications. MAGIX Youcast is a great example of compelling and easy-to-use software, which will delight bloggers, gamers, and many others who want to get started in the world of streaming.” – Roger Chandler, Director of Business Planning and Innovation, Software and Solutions Group, Intel Corporation.

Try out the full version of MAGIX Youcast for 30 days for free. To continue using the software after 30 days have expired, you can get a monthly subscription for US$3.99 or a 12-month subscription for US$29.99. Check out FAQs about the Youcast subscription.

Youcast highlights:
Templates for performing artists, gamers, and visionaries
Swap backgrounds easily
Add text to your media
Add effects to your stream and recordings in real time (picture-in-picture, B/W, sepia, etc.)
Automatic image optimization
Optimize media volume

Peel Redesigns App Interface to Help You Access Live TV and Streaming Video Experience from the Same Smart Remote

Indian TV shows and movies on YouTube are the first content to be available on the revamped app; more streaming video providers to be added soon

Peel announced today a revamped version of its universal smart remote app that helps address the growing complexity of the video entertainment landscape as the medium becomes richer and more populated. The revamped Peel app makes it easier for Indian consumers to navigate between the worlds of live TV and streaming video.

The new Peel Smart Remote will offer access to popular streaming services such as YouTube alongside control and discovery of what’s currently airing live on a user’s TV.

“Our goal has always been to make the experience of consuming video entertainment easier and more enjoyable,” said Peel CEO and Co-Founder Thiru Arunachalam. “As more and more of our users diversify their entertainment consumption to include streamed content, it makes sense for us to simplify their journey to find something good to watch no matter what the source or destination is.”

Peel’s streaming service will launch with access to 45 popular CatchUp TV series in a variety of regional languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, etc. Hundreds of movies in multiple Indian languages will also be available, as well as news channels in five different languages. For quick consumption, the Peel app will also include Videos of the Day in a variety of categories such as cookery, travel, humor and others along with music and movie soundtrack videos.

Youtube content is just the start. “We are negotiating with other top streaming video providers to expand our content offering,” said Kishore Poreddy, Head of Peel India. “Our goal is to be the premiere platform to discover and enjoy video entertainment.”

Peel plans to offer features not currently available on streaming video services such as recommendations based on users’ past TV viewing behavior and the ability to search both streaming content libraries and live TV schedules in a single search tool.

To accommodate the new streaming video content, Peel has redesigned its app user interface so that consumers can easily discover and enjoy a show or movie whether it is available to watch on live TV or one of their streaming services. The Peel app will highlight content available from streaming apps already on their phone alongside programming available on their TV. Users can also search for a particular show or movie to find where it is available to watch.

Just as they currently do to change the channel on their TV, Peel app users can simply tap on the image for a streamed show or movie they want to watch and it will launch the video in the corresponding streaming app. They can then choose to enjoy it on their phone or cast it to their TV screen if they have a casting device.

The app, available for iOS and Android, has more than 135 million registered users globally generating 10 billion remote control commands monthly. The Peel Smart Remote comes preloaded on phones from several Indian distributors, including Karbonn, Xolo, Gionee, Panasonic and Celkon.

Peel makes it easy for Indian consumers to switch to a smartphone remote because it works with all popular brands of TVs and air conditioners sold in India, and 600 set-top boxes, including those from Airtel, Tata Sky, Dish TV, Hathway, DEN and Siti Cable. For Indian consumers, Peel features TV listings from WhatsOnIndia.

In addition to controlling their TV, set-top box, and air conditioners, millions of Peel users worldwide also navigate around their Apple TV or Roku streaming devices with the universal remote app. Peel has aggregated remote commands for tens of thousands of devices, and TV programming guides for 110 countries.

The addition of streaming capabilities offers new monetization opportunities for Peel, which currently makes money by licensing its software to phone manufacturers and selling advertising to TV marketers and brands.

Google launches YouTube Gaming to take on Twitch

Google was the company most of us expected would acquire Twitch. That did not happen. Which means Google had to come up with a rival service to ensure that Twitch is not the only player in town targeting gamers. And we now have exactly that.

The company this week announced YouTube Gaming which is focused on gamers who like to stream their gameplay. The company said:

YouTube Gaming is built to be all about your favorite games and gamers, with more videos than anywhere else. From “Asteroids” to “Zelda,” more than 25,000 games will each have their own page, a single place for all the best videos and live streams about that title. You’ll also find channels from a wide array of game publishers and YouTube creators.

Keeping up with these games and channels is now super easy, too. Add a game to your collection for quick access whenever you want to check up on the latest videos. Subscribe to a channel, and you’ll get a notification as soon as they start a live stream. Uncover new favorites with recommendations based on the games and channels you love. And when you want something specific, you can search with confidence, knowing that typing “call” will show you “Call of Duty” and not “Call Me Maybe.”

Twitch welcomed the competition!

Official YouTube Blog: A YouTube built for gamers

YouTube on Android now offer powerful tools to trim videos before uploads

Google has rolled out a major update of their YouTube mobile app for Android devices. This update is focused on content creators. They can now trim their videos to exact frames before uploading.

Google said:

We’re proud to introduce a new video-trimming feature and inline video previews for our app. Now you can select the exact frame where the video starts and ends, giving you precise control of your trims in a simple, intuitive way. Additionally, there is now an inline video preview before the video is uploaded. And with faster upload capability, it’s never been easier to upload your YouTube videos on-the-go!

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YouTube now using HTML5 video player by default in most modern browsers

Google today announced that they are now loading the HTML5 player by default on all modern browsers (Chrome, IE 11, Safari 8 and in beta versions of Firefox).

The company did a detailed blog post on why HTML5 is ready to be used as the default player on their platform.

Google has also deprecated the old legacy embedding code powered by Adobe Flash Player. The company is advising everyone to switch to the modern iframe powered code.

In the past, the choice of delivery platform (Flash, Silverlight, etc) and content protection technology (Access, PlayReady) were tightly linked, as content protection was deeply integrated into the delivery platform and even the file format. Encrypted Media Extensions separate the work of content protection from delivery, enabling content providers like YouTube to use a single HTML5 video player across a wide range of platforms. Combined with Common Encryption, we can support multiple content protection technologies on different platforms with a single set of assets, making YouTube play faster and smoother.

YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog: YouTube now defaults to HTML5

Google Search Knowledge Graph now support social profiles other than Google+

Google has rolled out a useful update on their search platform. This update fixes a major complaint that was raised when they had launched Google+ few years ago. Google search highlighted brand’s Google+ content while totally ignoring other social profiles.

Now brands can add structured data markup to point to their other social profiles. Google is currently offering connectivity with these networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Myspace

New: Specify your social profiles to Google Have you noticed our new feature…
Specify your social profiles to Google – Structured Data — Google Developers

MediaTek Powers an Exceptional Home Audio Experience With Google Cast for Audio

Connected audio SoC, MT8507, enables an intuitive user interface, enhanced discovery of Google Cast Receivers, and supports multiple audio streaming services

MediaTek is collaborating with Google on its new Google Cast for audio offering for music lovers globally to address consumer desire to connect with music quickly and easily. MediaTek’s audio System on Chip (SoC), MT8507, will power a seamless home audio experience that allows consumers to easily connect with Google Cast Ready speakers and sound bars from their personal devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, Macbooks, and Windows PCs using Google Cast Ready apps.

Multiple popular audio streaming services are supported, including Google Play Music, YouTube, Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, TuneIn, Rdio and NPROne, and the list is growing rapidly.

Google Cast for audio is being demonstrated by MediaTek and Google at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“In this Internet age, consumers are demanding a connected audio experience. The ability to connect devices and listen to music in a seamless manner is a basic need now,” said Mohit Bhushan, Vice President, General Manager and MediaTek’s Head of U.S. Business Development. “MediaTek is a proud supporter of Google Cast for audio, and we continue to enable innovative new product categories while keeping our Everyday Genius brand promise.”

The MT8507 is the industry’s first connected audio SoC to support Google Cast for audio. Its differentiating features include a simple user interface, making it easy for users with any Google Cast receiver to connect with and to initiate audio streaming from their smart devices.

“Based on the success of Chromecast, we’re excited to expand the Google Cast ecosystem by working with a leading semiconductor company such as MediaTek to power audio devices,” said Suveer Kothari, Google Cast Director of Business Development.

MT8507 has already entered into silicon mass production. Global consumer brands are working with Google and MediaTek to bring the new Google Cast Ready speakers and sound bars to market by March 2015.

Key features of MT8507:

ARM® Cortex®-A7 CPU core with L2 cache and Floating Point Unit (FPU)
High-resolution audio format support for up to 192kHz for PCM, FLAC, DSD and APE
Dolby® TrueHD and DTS Digital Surround™ decode capability
16-bit single-channel DDR3 up to 512MB
Embedded SPDIF IN/OUT & 7.1ch I2S Output
HDMI Repeater (Tx/Rx) built-in with Audio Return Channel (ARC) support
USB 2.0, SD card, MHL support
10/100 Ethernet-MAC/PHY built-in with WoLAN capability

Sony making available The Interview through Google Play today!

Google announced today that they are collaborating with Sony to launch their controversial movie The Interview through Google Play and YouTube today.

For now, the movie would be available only to US based users. Sony has also decided to launch it through Microsoft Xbox Video and the official website of the movie.

Google said:

Of course it was tempting to hope that something else would happen to ensure this movie saw the light of day. But after discussing all the issues, Sony and Google agreed that we could not sit on the sidelines and allow a handful of people to determine the limits of free speech in another country (however silly the content might be).

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