gets session chat history and more! is becoming a solid alternative to Google Hangouts and Skype video conferences.

The company has added a bunch of new features that would further excite their fans.

Here are the improvements to the chat service:

Chat messages are stored in the room for a session, meaning as long someone is there. When everyone leaves, the chat is erased.
Avoid losing the chat if you are disconnected.
Clear the chat anytime, if you want to erase the content before someone arrives.

Checkout: — Prettier chat with session history!

Kim Dotcom announces Mega project to succeed Megaupload

Kim Dotcom announces Mega project to succeed Megaupload

Kim Dotcom has formally announced his next project named Mega which is now scheduled to launch in January next year.

Mega would take over from Megaupload which was shut down by the US authorities earlier this year.

Dotcom has said that he is taking all precautions to ensure that US authorities would not be able to touch any component of the new platform.

The service would allow similar features to Megaupload. Users would be able to upload, download, and share all types of content.

These files would be hosted in encrypted form. Downloaders would require the decrypt key to get access to the data.

This would ensure that the service would no longer be responsible for what content is stored on their network as it would be hosting a mangled version of the uploaded file.

Rapidshare no longer throttling free users

Rapidshare no longer throttling free users

Rapidshare become one of the hottest online destinations for the users of Megaupload when it was shut earlier this year.

The company had to resort to throttle download speeds for free account holders to discourage sharing of pirated media content.

They have now changed this policy and free users get unthrottled speeds during the downloads. The company said that this was done intentionally as they are set to launch new anti-piracy features on the network.

Rapidshare said:

Even though the limit was initially introduced to deter piracy, we have since then come to realize that there are more efficient counter measures. Further details will be announced towards the end of 2012.

Rapidshare has to be very careful with the new features looking at how the US government targeted Megaupload even though it was based in another country.

Hotmail to be renamed Newmail?

Hotmail to be renamed Newmail?

The recent leaked screenshots of the new user interface that Microsoft is preparing for Hotmail features the branding Newmail.

Newmail could be an internal project codename for this new UI of Hotmail. Online sources are contemplating that the company could switch to this branding for Hotmail.

We have already seen a couple of name changes for Hotmail but the service retained the original name in one form or the other. Windows Live Hotmail was one of the brandings.

Hotmail was one of the first web based email service on the internet. It still remains one of the most popular webmail platforms on the web today. But the service faces intense competition from both Yahoo Mail and Google Mail.

Instant messaging and Social networking might have taken the user interest away from email but it still remains the core communications platform on the web today.

Hashpix launches platform for Instagram users to sell their photos

Instagram does not offer anything on their own to enable their users to sell their photos. Hashpix has launched a platform for the same.

Hashpix launches platform for Instagram users to sell their photos

The company states:

Hashpix is the first marketplace where fans can buy photos from the best Instagram photographers. These are only the top Instagram users so you can own the best Instagram photos.

The company handles the complicated tasks like processing orders, printing photos and delivering them to the customer. Users get 70% of all profits.

The service however has a requirement if you plan to join their platform:

You should be an active Instagram user with a large fanbase that likes and comments on your photos. You should be an active user of social channels including Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

CloudFlare adds support for more ports to handle CPanel and Plesk

CloudFlare has announced that they are now supporting more ports which should help users with their websites running on CPanel and Plesk based servers.

CloudFlare adds support for more ports to handle CPanel and Plesk

They have added support for following ports:


They already support 80 and 443 which are generally used by HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

CloudFlare added:

We’re always looking for ways to make CloudFlare easier. A few weeks ago we began supporting other standard ports used by web control panels.

This covers most the web major control panels. While we will now proxy traffic through these ports, we won’t cache static content or perform any performance or app transformations on requests/responses that flow through them. If you don’t use these, we’ll also soon provide a method to easily shut down these ports at the CloudFlare level.

The Times of India Group to launch video delivery platform

The Times Group has announced that they are all set to launch an online video delivery platform named BoxTV.

The Times of India Group to launch video delivery platform

The company said that this service would let online users in India to watch both movies and television shows online.

Times added:

We’ve launched ETSpeed. com a couple of days back, which is a Twitter-like service for the financial world; Tweek, which is a tablet-based magazine, and Speaking-Tree …BoxTV will be India’s answer to Hulu, and allow viewers to legally access the latest movies and videos. Our strategy is to try to be faster and smarter with personalized content offered through multiple channels. Experimentation is part of the strategy.

The company already operates a streaming music service which has become very popular in the Indian market.

500px gets a major update with new features like Flow, Stories and Market

500px has turned out to be one of the strongest challengers to Flickr in the photo sharing market.

The service is now preferred by tons of professional photographers around the world.

500px has just launched a major update on their photo sharing platform with a bunch of new features…

500px gets a major update with new features like Flow, Stories and Market

Flow: This is a new way to check out photos on the platform. There are different flows available to all users. A primary flow stream on the homepage of the service that showcases the best photos uploaded in recent times. A flow for logged in users based on actions of their contacts on the service. And a personalized flow based on your own actions and interests.

Stories: 500px users can now create stories out of photos hosted on the service. A story can have a single image or hundreds. This is a cool concept to create customized galleries to share with friends and family.

Market: This is a feature aimed at users who want to generate revenue from their 500px account by selling prints and digital downloads. The company said:

We designed Market from scratch, and completely redefined the way people buy art online. No more endless frame choice or hundreds of different papers — just the best quality canvas available in the US printed in two large, vivid sizes — 24×36 and 30×30 inches. Every 500px photo will look absolutely gorgeous on a such beautiful canvas. Photographers love Market because each sale brings more than $200 in profit — and we take care of billing, printing, shipping and quality control.

All high-resolution photos in Market are securely stored and are not available for the public, and only used to print the order or create HD downloads.

With Market, we are also introducing HD downloads as an option for buyers. Different from usual 20-25% revenue cut other photo platforms provide to photographers, Market provides photographers with 70% revenue, taking care of orders, credit card processing and storage. All HD downloads are available in crystal clear full 1080p (1920×1080 or similar, depending on photo dimensions), and available for just $2.99.

Google country specific redirection on Blogger has technical issues for third party widgets

IntenseDebate has just highlighted one of the big issues that arise from recent policy change at Blogger.

Google announced recently that Blogger hosted blogs would redirect to country specific domains in some markets.

Google country specific redirection on Blogger has technical issues for third party widgets

This was done to allow for regional blocking of content based on local laws and regulations.

This change has resulted in many plugins and widgets breaking which relied on blog post links to remain constant.

IntenseDebate has mailed the users of their platform to migrate from their Widget functionality to template functionality to control the damage.

The widget relied on the post’s URL which would now change for different users based on where they are located.

The template based functionality is not dependent upon the URL and works fine with the new changes.

IntenseDebate developers said:

This update will unfortunately cause a major issue with our Blogger Widget installation. The good news is that Blogger sites using our Template installation are all set and will not be affected by this change. You don’t have to do anything, so kick back and relax.

The not-so-good news is that if you are using our Blogger Widget installation, you will need to switch over to our Template installation to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It really is essential that you do this. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t bother you. Don’t worry, we’re here to help and we hope to make this as painless as possible.

Google scanning Gmail accounts for copyrighted files and deleting them?

There is an interesting thread on the mailing list.

Google scanning Gmail accounts for copyrighted files and deleting them?

A user claims that some emails in his Gmail account containing MP3 files were removed.

He admits that the removed files were copyrighted material. He also confirms that there was some indie music also which was not removed.

The user honey escreveu added:

> I cannot believe that Google scanned my user account files and removed
> content w/o my consent, besides my agreement to have an account with
> them. I suspect they used whatever scanner engine they have, which
> they use to scan files when you upload them to youtube, and they
> detect copy-protected materials.