TVS fails to sell many electric Scooty Teenz units

TVS fails to sell many electric Scooty Teenz units

TVS Motor Company has announced that they are halting the production of their electric scooter models due to lack of demand in the Indian market.

The company in fact also has a three wheeler model powered by electricity but they are delaying the launch.

TVS said: “We have an electric three-wheeler, which we had planned to introduce but there is no market for such products. So we don’t have any plans to launch it now.”

TVS sells a model named Scooty Teenz Electric which is powered with electricity.

The company is now concentrating on their regular models which continues to do well in the market.

TVS Scooty Streak launched for girls

TVS Scooty Streak launched for girls

TVS has announced the launch of their latest product specifically designed for girls.

This new product is the TVS Scooty Streak.

The company said in a statement about Scooty Streak: “Girls will find the Streak more comfortable as it has been made with the aim of offering the right mix of performance, style, convenience and comfort.”

It is the latest edition in the company’s TVS Scooty range of mini scooters.

The company is promising that they have not compromised in any way on developing this new product.

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TVS Balancing Wheels launched for Scooty

TVS Balancing Wheels launched for Scooty

Two wheeler manufacturer TVS has announced an accessory for their Scooty mini-scooter.

This new product is Balancing Wheels which is a set of additional wheel to be connected to the scooter.

The aim is to make it easier for new riders to drive comfortably.

TVS Motor spoke about this add-on product: “Much like the wheels that are fitted onto a toddler’s bicycle, ‘Balancing Wheels’ are meant for people who do not know how to balance a two-wheeler. It is a simple innovation that makes learning to ride a two-wheeler easy, convenient and safe. Balancing Wheels, help to overcome the fear of falling that almost everyone experiences while learning to ride, thereby, making the learning process much faster and easier”.

TVS Motor Company General Manager Marketing S Srinivas added: “The Balancing Wheels have been put through rigorous tests to ensure durability and safety for users. However, it is recommended that learners ride slowly to begin with and limit the top speed to 40 kmph.”