Tata Sky DTH is going to replace MPEG2 STBs with MPEG4 STBs for free

Tata Sky DTH has some great news for their customers. The company has decided to replace all MPEG2 STBs in use by their customers with MPEG4 capable units.

This has been made necessary because the company has run out of space to add new channels and they need all their customers to move to the MPEG4 STBs to benefit from different transponders.

The company said that they are hoping to replace 4-5 million STBs in the next 12 month or so. This would cost the company around Rs. 1000 crores.

The problem for the company is that ISRO has still not delivered to them the transponders they ordered. Which is forcing them to take the expensive route.

Tata Sky and YOU Broadband offering exciting broadband plans for VoD service

Tata Sky recently became the first DTH service provider in the country to offer VoD service powered by internet.

The set top box connects to the internet and the movies are downloaded on the STB for viewing.

Tata Sky has now announced a deal with YOU Broadband and the two companies are offering exclusive broadband plans for the users of VoD service on Tata Sky.

Two plans are available:

12 mbps
3 months validity
Rs. 1199
1 mbps post FUP speeds

12 mbps
1 month validity
Rs. 649
1 mbps post FUP speeds

These plans are pretty incredible as you can essentially get 1mbps unlimited for as little as Rs. 650.

Tata Sky set to launch Netflix like service on their DTH platform?

Tata Sky set to launch Netflix like service on their DTH platform

Tata Sky is soon going to officially launch a new service that would deliver movies and other media content to user through the internet.

The service would require the user to have a separate internet connection that would power this new service.

It would require one of the higher end Set Top Box from the company that has Ethernet connectivity.

Users would be able to order and download movies through the internet. These movies would be stored on the STB’s hard disk and can be watched at leisure.

Tata Sky is not likely to charge anything extra for this added functionality as they would generate revenues through renting or sale of movies and possibly television shows.

Users would be paying for the data transfer on their regular internet plans.

Tata Sky DTH has discontinued connection transfer service

Tata Sky DTH has for unknown reasons discontinued connection transfer services.

This means that you can no longer transfer a connection to a friend or relative.

Tata Sky does not give a reason for the change in policy. Their website states:

Effective 30 December, 2010 the Transfer of Ownership facility has been withdrawn. In case of discontinuation of services on subscriber’s request, the subscriber will not be allowed to transfer the digicomp/connection to anybody else. The subscriber’s account will stand cancelled. Remaining account balance, if any, shall stand forfeited.

Tata Sky DTH now offering all channels on a la carte!

Tata Sky DTH now offering all channels on a la carte!

Tata Sky DTH has launched their Make My Pack service. This is something that is highly desirable by the end user in the Indian DTH market.

Customers can now pick individual channels for their own connection. There are a couple of limitations like the channels would have to be subscribed for a minimum period of three months and you cannot make a package that costs less than Rs. 150.

But still, this is much better than paying for bundles of channels for a single channel you watch.

It is not clear whether this approach would become popular with their customers and whether rival services would also offer it in the coming times.

Tata Sky DTH launches HD STB for just Rs. 2599

Tata Sky DTH launches HD STB for just Rs. 2599

Tata Sky DTH has announced the launch of their HD capable set top box.

It has been priced competitively at just Rs. 2599.

Tata Sky said that they are going to offer their HD service around the country.

The STB is capable of delivering 1080i picture quality, 16:9 aspect ratio and 5.1 surround sound.

Some of the HD channels to be on offer include:

National Geographic HD
Discovery HD
Star Plus HD
Star Movies HD

Tata Sky is also planning to showcase movies on demand in HD quality.

Kites is going to be the first movie to be broadcast in HD on Tata Sky HD platform.

The company is offering a special deal to their existing customers. They can upgrade to the HD service and get the HD Gold Pack for an entire year for free.

Tata Sky: Airtel Digital TV DTH making false claims in their ads

Tata Sky: Airtel Digital TV making false claims in their ads

Tata Sky DTH has asked the Advertising Standards Council of India to verify the claims made by Airtel in their DTH service advertisements.

Airtel Digital TV ads claim that their service is based on MPEG 4 DVB-S2 technology which has a better picture quality compared to other service providers.

Tata Sky said: “MPEG-4 and DVB S2 are compression standards and have no impact on video picture quality. We want to correct the myth in the minds of the consumers that MPEG-4 DVB S2 provides better picture quality than other technologies used to provide digital signals.”

Airtel on their part have said: “We have sent our reply to ACI. Our claim is that our technology is superior to ordinary technology, which includes analogue cable.”

Indian DTH service providers use several technologies based on two compression standards MPEG-2 and MPEG-4.

Tata Sky DTH is now offering MPEG4 STB to new customers

Tata Sky DTH is now offering MPEG4 STB to new customers

Online sources suggest that Tata Sky DTH is now providing a new Set Top Box to the customers.

This new STB is compatible with MPEG4 technology though the current feed remains in MPEG2.

Tata Sky Plus DTH is already MPEG4 compatible.

Tata Sky DTH is now offering MPEG4 STB to new customers Tata Sky DTH is now offering MPEG4 STB to new customers

The company cannot shift to MPEG4 broadcast just like that because millions of their existing customers are still using the older generation STB model which does not support this standard.

Tata Sky is probably hoping that in a year or two, most of their existing customers would upgrade to this new set top box enabling them to switch to the more efficient broadcasting standard.

Tata Sky Plus now available for just Rs 4,900

Tata Sky Plus now available for just Rs 4,900

Tata Sky is currently running a promotional scheme where they are offering their personal video recorder solution Plus for just Rs. 4900.

Tata Sky Plus service was launched last year and it was originally priced at around Rs. 10000.

The company said that this service allows the customer to pause live TV and even record them for later viewing.

The special STB provided to the customer comes with a hard disk inside which is used to store the recorded programming.

The company said that this special pricing is applicable till Diwali this year.

Tata Sky DTH service has 4 million subscribers now

Tata Sky DTH service has 4 million subscribers now

Tata Sky has announced that they are now serving more than 40 lakh DTH customers in the Indian market.

Tata Sky is one of the many DTH service providers in the Indian market. Zee Dish TV was the first and remains the market leader with around 5.5 million customers.

Tata Sky said at the occasion: “We have achieved significant success in reaching four million connections in such a short time, and in a highly competitive market.”

Tata Sky is a joint venture between Tata Group and Star.

The company added: “The end-to-end digital solutions suite from NDS, coupled with our unparalleled customer service and innovative product offerings, have enabled us to provide differentiated applications and a superior viewing experience for our subscribers.”