Tata DOCOMO unlikely to launch in Delhi in the near future

Tata DOCOMO unlikely to launch in Delhi in the near future

Tata is yet to launch their GSM services in the national capital city of Delhi. Their CDMA services are operational here.

Sources say that the company is not interested in entering an already saturated market. They are however under pressure from their partners NTT DOCOMO to launch operations here.

The government has already promised them spectrum if it is available. Tata on the other hand continues to maintain that they are yet to be allocated the promised spectrum.

Remains to be seen if we would ever see DOCOMO here in Delhi.

Gmail now offering free sms sending from Gmail in India?

Gmail now offering free sms sending from Gmail in India?

I am not sure if this is a new feature but a friend just noticed a popup highlighting this new feature in his Gmail account.

Gmail’s official list now include India with following carriers supported:

Loop Mobile
Tata DoCoMo
Tata Indicom
Vodafone (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Gujarat, A.P, Bihar, W.B. & A & N, Assam, N.E.)

As you can see, airtel is not on the list right now.

Gmail now offering free sms sending from Gmail in India?

Google offers a limit of 50 sms per day. If you receive a response to your sms, it adds five to your daily quota.

This feature did not work for my friend when he tried sending me a sms. Could be somehow related to DND as my number is in that database.

Gmail now offering free sms sending from Gmail in India?

Please leave a comment if this feature appears on your Gmail account and works!

Paytm is now allowing postpaid bill payments!

Paytm has added a cool new functionality that is going to help a lot more users around the country.

Paytm is now allowing postpaid bill payments!Paytm is now allowing postpaid bill payments!

The service is now allowing postpaid mobile users to pay their bills using their platform.

Postpaid payments are usually not offered through such third party services. Paytm claims they are the first one to offer it.

The company said:

This makes Paytm a single destination for your mobile, DTH and Datacard recharges and payments. No need to go out, look for parking just to drop a cheque, or chase someone else to make your bill payment now. Just use Paytm as your hub to recharge your household’s prepaid connections, and pay for your postpaid connections. All it would take you is a few minutes!

This way, postpaid mobile users can now get their free coupons when they make their mobile bill payments. This feature has been available to prepaid mobile users for a while now.

They are currently supporting: Airtel, Reliance GSM, Reliance CDMA, Tata Indicom, Tata DoCoMo, BSNL, Loop, and Virgin GSM and Virgin CDMA.

Tata Indicom launches Call n Tweet service

Tata Indicom launches Call n Tweet service

Tata Indicom has introduced a new service on their mobile network. This new feature is named Call n Tweet and it does exactly that. You can tweet using your voice.

The feature is powered by callntweet.com web platform. You have to register your account on this service once.

After that, you can simply record your message on 50007 and the service would do the rest.

80p/ voice tweet

All Tata Indicom Mobiles, Walky & Indicom 10

An open letter to Reliance, Tata and MTS: Bring the CDMA Apple iPhone 4 to India

An open letter to Reliance, Tata and MTS: Bring the Apple iPhone 4 to India

Why? Because it is a great opportunity for you to take on airtel and Vodafone with the arrival of Mobile Number Portability.

Apple seems to be more than willing to expand the market for iPhone in various markets and with the launch of the CDMA market, you have this great opportunity.

Just get in talks with Apple to bring the CDMA edition of the iPhone 4 in the Indian market.

Offer it at competitive prices with good data plans. Promote it with mobile number portability on television, press and social networks.

Take on airtel and Vodafone and hurt them where it matters. Prove to the Indian mobile customer that CDMA networks are not for second grade devices. Just do it.

Samsung DigiRap on sale through Tata Indicom for Rs. 1499

Samsung DigiRap on sale through Tata Indicom for Rs. 1499

Tata Indicom has launched a new handset on their network. They are now selling Samsung DigiRap for just Rs. 1499.

Samsung DigiRap

It is a budget segment phone with following features:

Color Display
FM Radio
Stereo FM Recording
Games like Cricket
Advance mobile tracker

We are more interested in knowing when they would introduce high end Android devices and whether they would bring the rumored Apple iPhone CDMA edition in India!

Tata Indicom needs to offer some Android love!

Tata Indicom needs to get some exciting devices

Here is the image being used by Tata Indicom to promote their MNP services.

Tata Indicom needs to get some exciting devices

There is a major problem with this image. While it is fine for the budget segment customers, the company is totally losing out on the creamy segment of the market.

Customers who use smartphones.

This has been a big problem with CDMA service providers in the country. They just do not have exciting mobile devices on offer. And that is why they are not preferred by a lot of us. Airtel and now Tata DOCOMO are the companies that attract plenty of new customers.

It’s not like there are no good CDMA devices out there. US is a huge CDMA market. Verizon and Sprint have awesome devices on offer that are based on the CDMA platform.

HTC, Samsung and Motorola… All of these companies sell CDMA based Android smartphones in the US market. Why can’t we have these phones here in India? This is something Tata Indicom (and MTS and Reliance Mobile) has to consider if they have to compete against the emerging threat from 3G GSM services.

Tata Indicom launches mobile number portability section

Tata Indicom launches mobile number portability section

Tata Indicom has launched a section on their website highlighting their mobile number portability services.

The process to switch to Tata Indicom from your current service provider:

To enjoy the benefits of the TATA Indicom network, simply send an
SMS: PORT < Mobile Number> through the number to be Ported out to the toll free number 1900.
A Unique Porting Code would be generated through which the porting process would be initiated
On generation of the UPC*, you will have to fill in the CAF and submit the mandatory documents as prescribed by DOT at the nearest TATA outlet.

Tata Indicom highlights why you should consider switching to their network:

Call Drops: If you experience more than 1.5% call drops in a month, we will refund you 2.5% of your bill
Billing Disputes: If your billing complaint is not addressed within 3 days, we compensate you Rs. 25 per extra day.
Call Back: If your call isn’t answered within 90 seconds, you can request a call back, which will happen within 2 hours.
Handset Repairs: If your handset breaks down, we repair it for you, and provide you with a loaner handset for the time your handset is being repaired
Value Added Services: If you want to opt for a VAS, we give you a 7-days free trial

Blackberry Bold 9650 on sale in India through Tata Indicom

Blackberry Bold 9650 on sale in India through Tata Indicom

Tata Indicom is set to launch Blackberry Bold 9650 on their network in the Indian market.

Blackberry Bold 9650 is a world phone from Research in Motion. It supports both GSM and CDMA networks.

The phone comes with support for Wi-Fi and GPS.

Tata Indicom has a special offer for the buyers of this device from their stores… Customers would get a free data pack worth Rs.900 per month. The package also includes 500MB of free data transfer on tethering.

What happened to Apple iPhone 4 launch in India?

What happened to Apple iPhone 4 launch in India?

Both Airtel and Vodafone pretty much confirmed that they are going to launch the Apple iPhone 4 in the Indian market.

Vodafone had said that they would launch it before the end of the year. Airtel was not so clear.

Airtel is already said to be offering microSIM cards to interested customers who have purchased an iPhone 4 (or Apple iPad) from abroad or other sources.

They are also said to be close to launching their 3G services in the market.

Vodafone on the other hand has delayed the launch of their 3G network which would now arrive only next year.

It is not clear what is the status on the official launch of iPhone 4 and iPad in the Indian market. Apple has not said anything yet.

There are also rumors in the market that Apple is in talks with Reliance and Tata to launch the CDMA edition of iPhone sometime next year. This model is said to be developed for Verizon Wireless though it is just a rumor right now.

Reports say that the CDMA model might arrive in India through the subsidy model which has not been tried before. Industry experts believe that the subsidy model which is very popular in the US market is unlikely to work here.

We had still prefer Apple to bring the iPhone 4 and iPad as unlocked devices in the Indian market. Sell them through their official retailers in India. Make it available through other stores just like how Apple iPod is sold right now.

Both the devices are going to be priced pretty high. It makes no sense offering them in locked version with carriers in the Indian market.