NTT DoCoMo: Still interested in launching Apple iPhone

NTT DoCoMo has revealed that they are still very much interested in launching the Apple iPhone on their network in the Japanese market.

The company however said that some of the terms of Apple are not favorable to them. For example, Apple requires them to commit to a very large volume that does not suit their requirements.

Apple iPhone is already on sale in Japan through Softbank which is a much smaller player compared to NTT DoCoMo.

Google Voice for Android now allows you to send texts to multiple people in one go!

Google has updated their Google Voice mobile app for the Android platform.

This update comes with a couple of useful new features. The biggest one is the ability to text multiple people in one go!

Google Voice on Android also now allows you to pre-fetch voicemails so that you can listen to them in no connectivity areas.

In addition, there are improvements to text message notifications.

Blurb enables you to sell hard copies of your Facebook photos in book format!

Blurb enables you to sell hard copies of your Facebook photos in book format!

If you are a professional photographer who uses Facebook to market your stuff, this is something you might be interested in.

Blurb has launched a new service that allows you to sell hardcopies of your photos in a book format.

Blurb enables you to sell hard copies of your Facebook photos in book format!

The company spoke about this new service:

With just a few clicks, Blurb puts your favorite Facebook pictures into a fantastic little photo book. Your photos are automatically enhanced for printing and all your clever comments are arranged perfectly on the page. And these Small Square (7×7 inch / 18×18 cm) books start at just for a 20-page softcover.

Square mobile apps now feature support for Loyalty coupons and discount cards

Square has updated their mobile apps for the iPhone and Android platform to add support for discount coupons.

The company has also provided the required update for the retailers to accept these coupons in their stores.

Square said: “We’re enabling merchants to recognize regulars that use the Card Case application. With this update, there’s no need for coupons, punch cards or third-party apps.”

Square recently launched a new service that made it possible to make payments without using your smartphone at all. It used location based services to ensure that you were present at the retail store for the payment.

Retail stores using Square can now offer discounts and other deals to regular customers based on the payments made using this platform.

Arthur Levinson is the new chairman of Apple Inc

Arthur Levinson is the new chairman of Apple Inc

Apple has named Arthur Levinson as their new chairman.

He has been long served the company as a director.

He fills in the position left vacant after the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Arthur Levinson is also the chairman of Genentech. He has been on the Apple board for more than a decade now.

Apple also announced that they are adding Disney CEO Robert Igoe to their board.

MailRank developers are joining Facebook

Facebook has made yet another acquihiring. The founders of the MailRank service are joining the social networking giant.

MailRank provides technologies to sort out emails in an account on the basis of importance to the users.

Facebook is likely to use their expertise to improve their newsfeed and perhaps the email client as well.

MailRank is for now discontinuing their MailRank for Outlook beta app. the developers said in a blog posting:

We’ll be discontinuing the private beta of MailRank for Outlook to focus on our new jobs. The past year has been a wonderful journey, and we thank everyone who has helped and supported us along the way: our test users, investors, advisors, friends, and families. You have our sincerest gratitude.

Tor Cloud project launched powered by Amazon Web Services

Developers behind the popular Tor Project have launched a new platform named Tor Cloud.

Tor Cloud enables you to contribute to the service by providing resources through Amazon Web Services.

Tor Cloud project provides you with all you need to deploy bridges for users who use Tor to access the internet.

It uses the Amazon EC2 component which has a free package that could work for a lot of people.

The developers said that if you do not qualify for the free package, you can choose to take the paid version and the costs are likely to come around USD 30 per month for running a bridge on your account.

Microsoft Zune Music Pass launches in Australia

Microsoft Zune Music Pass launches in Australia

Microsoft has launched their Zune Music Pass subscription service in Australia.


11.99 AUD per month
119.90 AUD per year

Interested users can check out the service for a period of two weeks for no cost.

The service offers access to more than 10 million songs. It currently supports Windows Phone devices, Windows operating system and the web browser. Microsoft is working on adding support on their Xbox 360 gaming console.

vBulletin 4.1.8 now available for download

vBulletin 4.1.8 now available for download

vBulletin Solutions has released a new updated edition of their bulletin board software vBulletin.

vBulletin 4.1.8 is now available for download for registered customers.

This is primarily a bug fix edition and no new features have been added.

Major bugs fixed in this update:

“The threads below have not been updated since your last visit” message is not displayed in search results when appropriate”(reported by Andy)
“No persistent and elegant way to change editor style” (reported by cellarius)
“ad_showthread_firstpost & ad_footer_end ad locations are no longer present”(reported by djbaxter)
“Search Performance – too many queries” (reported by ricktas)
“Use Absolute URLs When Making AJAX Requests” (reported by digitalpoint)