LANXESS presents leather fashion trends for spring-summer season 2018

Orientation for leather manufacturers
Recipes and advice on processing

Cologne – Specialty chemicals company LANXESS, a world-leading manufacturer of leather chemicals, is unveiling leather trends for the spring-summer season 2018. The collection presents tanneries with numerous leather samples that reflect the trends in terms of color, structure, haptics and overall appearance.

LANXESS’s Leather business unit provides this service twice a year so that leather designers, producers and suppliers can react early to future trends and realize new creative items. Furthermore, tanneries receive relevant formulations and practical advice on processing. This unique mixture of upcoming fashion trends on the one hand and new technologies as well as innovative chemical products on the other creates significant added value to exclusive fashionable leather products in regard to quality, sustainability and ecology.

Trends for the spring-summer season 2018

Caramelle Dolce means – like the reach for hot latte – that the cold winter is not over yet. The scent of almond candles and lavender lingering in the background let spring and summer feelings slowly arise. The color inspiration makes us dream of puristic soft surfaces with a soft touch. While we combine creamy and sweet colors, we wait until spring embraces us with its shiny and bright colors.

Pura Primavera – here vibrant colors dominate from yellow over green to blue. We are surrounded by light and air; spring is present wherever we are. The fragrance of lemon brings with it a lively yellow and lime green color. The green colors mirror big gardens that welcome us with serene radiant colors of nature. Enveloping, alive and energetic, this is a dynamic inspiration with bold combinations and completely without shadows. Sunny and light colors accompany us until they reach the stars.

Stile Intenso – a trend with a summery bright range of colors. The warm season is characterized by strong and intense style, full of feeling. There are maritime colors ranging from coral red and blue from the sea to the deep green of the ocean forests. These are authentic, pure colors that combine harmoniously with the light pastel tones from spring and are eye-catchers for shoes, bags and jackets.

As fragrances increase in intensity, the colors deepen in the Estate Profondo trend. It invites us to dream of the endless summer. The intensive colors reflect the color of sweet vanilla ice cream, of endless beaches and the strong blue color of a volcano at sunset. The colors are saturated but never deep – a gift from mother nature just like the smell of cumin that combines with a sea breeze during dinner on the beach.

Creating urban environments in lasting color

LANXESS is demonstrating impressively at bauma 2016 how conventional building materials, such as pigmented roofing tiles, noise barrier walls, in-situ concrete, fiber cement boards, sand-lime bricks and asphalt, can add color to urban environments. The specialty chemicals company, together with distributor Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH, is exhibiting its premium and globally proven inorganic pigments at this leading international tradeshow for the building industry, which takes place in Munich from April 11 to 17. “Our color-stable and weather-resistant pigments add lasting color to architecture and infrastructure. Building materials colored with these products retain their optical appearance and good looks even when exposed to the weather for extended periods, and they need virtually no maintenance at all,” says Thomas Pfeiffer, Vice President Marketing & Sales EMEA, Inorganic Pigments business unit. “Sustainability is a very high priority in all our products and processes. It is and will remain an indispensable element of our business philosophy. Production processes at all our sites are designed to be safe, resource-saving and environmentally friendly.”

The extensive line of Bayferrox iron oxide pigments, with over 40 color shades, and Colortherm-brand chrome oxide pigments help to make urban centers more colorful and attractive. The colors range from yellow to red, green, and brown all the way to black. Over 100 different shades of the individual colors are available. With these products, aesthetic, safe and lasting design effects can be achieved in a wide variety of building materials, such as in-situ concrete, prefabricated concrete components, concrete roofing tiles and paving blocks and even colored asphalt.

New ideas for color in construction

People increasingly are moving to the cities. Sustainable urbanization poses numerous challenges for urban planners, architects and building developers, including how to attractively design the urban environment. Colored materials, such as concrete, block paver and asphalt, are steadily rising in popularity. They can be used for aesthetic architectural solutions that enable structures to be harmoniously integrated into their environment, or for infrastructure projects that are both functional and creative.

Bayferrox and Colortherm green pigments can be seen around the world in sports stadiums, playgrounds, pedestrian zones and buildings. One prominent example is in Spijkenisse, a town near Rotterdam. Graphic designer Robin Stam had the fictitious bridges that appear on the back of the euro banknotes built there. To give his bridge designs an unmistakable look, he chose concrete integrally colored with Bayferrox pigments that realistically reproduce the color tone of the familiar bridges on the euro bills. The color pigments likewise were used for an urban renewal project involving Rose Plaza in the German city of Osnabrück: four different pink shades were the main creative medium used to restore the dull, gray thoroughfare to its former purpose as an inviting plaza, and to simultaneously make the traffic routing safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

More publicity for colored concrete

The LANXESS Colored Concrete Works initiative for years now has been inspiring architects and construction companies to embrace modern architecture that incorporates colored concrete. Reference projects document its use in international building structures. The initiative is supported by forums and symposiums that promote an exchange among professionals. “Our goal is to shift attention to the beauty and aesthetic value of colored concrete. LANXESS therefore regularly presents the Colored Concrete Works Award to architects who have distinguished themselves in the innovative use of colored concrete in international projects,” Pfeiffer says.

Detailed information on the project can be found in the “Rosenplatz, Osnabrück” Case Study. The latest issue in the LANXESS “Colored Concrete Works” series of publications is available in nine languages. It can be downloaded from the internet, and print copies can be ordered by writing to This and other case studies of extraordinary buildings featuring colored concrete are available on the internet The site also provides information on products, applications, technical services and more.

LANXESS supports the cause of education through Teach for India

LANXESS India Private Limited, a subsidiary of leading global specialty chemicals company LANXESS, is continuing its association with Teach For India (TFI) as a part of its pledged five year commitment to support the not-for-profit organization’s efforts towards providing quality education to children. The company has committed a sum of EUR 75000 (approx. INR 53 lakhs) per year for projects in India for the period 2014 – 2018.

Dr. Jacques Perez, Managing Director and Country Representative, LANXESS India Pvt. Ltd. handed over the cheque to Ms. Dimple Gujral, Chief Finance Officer, Teach For India (TFI) at LANXESS House in Thane. LANXESS has been contributing to TFI since 2010, starting with a sum of EUR 50,000 per year. LANXESS has supported 50 TFI Fellows (trained teachers on a 2 year full time paid commitment) and around 2275 students so far. This contribution helps TFI to sustain their current operations in Mumbai.

On this occasion, Dr. Perez, said, “Education is one of the crucial tools towards securing the future of the next generation and by partnering with Teach for India, we would like to help spread the light of knowledge. We appreciate the work that Teach For India is doing and are happy to be a part of this noble cause.”

Ms. Gujral added, “We feel proud to be associated with LANXESS for over 5 years and LANXESS has always been a strong supporter of our beliefs. For us at TFI, every single child matters. We believe that every child can and must attain an excellent education.”
LANXESS believes in empowering education and has taken many initiatives in India, in the areas of education, skills training and preserving cultural heritage. LANXESS has previously contributed to NGOs, technical institutions and schools to support education in every region that it operates in.

Teach for India is a nationwide NGO, that aims to eliminate inequity in education in India. Through its Fellowship program, TFI recruits qualified college graduates and working professionals to serve as full-time teachers in low-income schools for two years. Fellows work to bridge the educational gaps that their students face, by using innovative methods in classroom. To learn more about Teach for India, visit

LANXESS and Saudi Aramco rubber joint venture to be launched on April 1, 2016, under the name ARLANXEO

· Relevant antitrust authorities have cleared the transaction

· Transaction can already be completed on April 1, 2016

· LANXESS CEO Matthias Zachert: “ARLANXEO will be a strong company of two strong partners”

Cologne – Specialty chemicals company LANXESS and Saudi Aramco have announced ARLANXEO, the name of their new joint venture for synthetic rubber. The new name and logo combines elements from the names and logos of both partners. The logo is complemented by the descriptor “Performance Elastomers” to highlight the new company’s product range.

All relevant antitrust authorities have cleared the transaction. Hence, the joint venture will be launched as ARLANXEO on April 1, 2016.

“ARLANXEO will be a strong company of two strong partners. This is also reflected in the new name of the company,” said Matthias Zachert, Chairman of the Board of Management of LANXESS AG and future Chairman of the Shareholders’ Committee of ARLANXEO. “We will establish ARLANXEO as a new and independent player in the global market for synthetic rubber. And we are convinced that, in the world of rubber, ARLANXEO will become a strong brand.”

“Under its new name, ARLANXEO will build on the customer focus, recognition and reputation of both Saudi Aramco and LANXESS, which both partners are very proud of,” said Abdulrahman Al-Wuhaib, Senior Vice President Downstream, Saudi Aramco.

On September 22, 2015, LANXESS and Saudi Aramco signed an agreement to create a 50:50 joint venture for the development, production, marketing, sale and distribution of synthetic rubber used in the global tire industry, auto-parts manufacturing and a wide range of other applications.

ARLANXEO will be headquartered in the Netherlands. The partners will soon appoint the management team that will run the joint venture. Each partner will have equal representation on the boards overseeing the company. The CEO will be appointed by LANXESS and the CFO by Saudi Aramco.

“With this joint venture of the world’s largest producer of synthetic rubber and the world’s largest integrated energy company, we have laid the foundations for the sustainable and positive development of ARLANXEO,” said Zachert. “This is a win-win for our customers as well as for the employees of ARLANXEO. We are looking forward to the launch of this promising new partnership.”

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 8.0 billion in 2014 and about 16,300 employees in 29 countries. The company is currently represented at 52 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of plastics, rubber, intermediates and specialty chemicals. LANXESS is a member of the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and FTSE4Good.

Information on Saudi Aramco is available at