ISHRAE Thane Chapter ‘URJAVARAN’ showcases sustainable living in India’s emerging cities

With the view on environment challenges, sustainable development and futuristic living of the emerging cities in India, a congregation of key industry players like architects, planners, builders and other construction professionals came together shoulder to shoulder to share knowledge and ideas in developing the emerging cities of India. The one day conference ‘URJAVARAN’ 2017-18 emphasised on the sustainable futuristic living in India’s emerging cities.

The conference was organized by the Thane Chapter of Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating, Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) that witnessed the presence of many renowned professionals from the region.

The flagship conference discussed and also conducted panel discussions based on various topics from HVAC Smart Homes, HVAC&R, Electricals, Fire & Safety, Building Automation & far reaching to High-performance Glass, Energy-efficient lightings, Water-treatment products.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Bharat Jare, President ISHRAE Thane Chapter, said “By 2025, 50 – 55 crore people will be living in urban areas and hence it is important that the emerging cities develop sustainable buildings. Also, the energy consumption per capita in urban areas in last 6 to 8 years has been around 24% to 26% which is also to bound increase in years to come.

URJAVARAN 2017 is a premier platform which serves dual purpose of business networking for constructions and buildings industry professionals where the supplier and manufacturer showcase the latest technologies, systems, market of ideas and latest products. Our aim is to create a sustainable environment with maximum utilization of available resources which will help the generations to come”, he further added.

“Ishrae Thane Chapter has done a commendable job in last five years and it is playing a bigger role in the awareness of environment protection which is the national mission and vision of the association. We need to develop energy efficient buildings in the emerging cities. Water recycling within the buildings is the one of the best practices to adopt because used water that is collected for air conditioning instead of using air cooled systems or water cool systems the efficiency of air conditioning can go up by 20 to 30%. The two fundamental things in building smart cities should be developing energy efficient buildings and using high end technology instruments in constructions” said, Mr. J. Bhambure, VP, BlueStar Ltd.

URJAVARAN 2017- 18 is ISHRAE’s national initiative to bring industries to participate in the activities to protect the Environment, improve Air Quality and help in Energy Conservation.

Harit Jal Vaayu : Addressing Advancements in Green Engineering

Mumbai, August 4, 2017: The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) is an association of 12000 members of HVAC&R engineers across India with presence in 41 cities. It also has 10,000 student members. The main goal of ISHRAE is disseminating the knowledge of HVAC & R through trainings and courses.

The Mumbai Chapter of ISHRAE in association with Mumbai chapter of Indian Plumbing Association and Mumbai chapter of IGBC organized a stimulating seminar on Advancements in Green Engineering on August 4, 2017 at The Leela, Andheri (East), Mumbai, which brought together nationally renowned industry players, consultants and industry experts on a single platform from the Indian Construction and Infrastructure Industries.

Key dignitaries present for the inaugural were Mr. V.Suresh, President, Good Governance India Foundation, and Chairman, IGBC Policy and Advocacy, Mr. Ajaj Kazi, President ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter, HH Mr. Gauranga Das, Life Coach, & Mentor – ISKCON, Mr. Vishal Kapur, National President, ISHRAE, Mr. Ashish Rakheja, Regional Managing Director, AEON Consultants & Presidential member ISHRAE, Mr. Jagdeep Singh, Managing Director, Rosemex Ecotech Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, Mr. Deepak Gadhia, Social Entrepreneur, Gadhia Solar Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd., , Mr. Gurmit Singh, National President, IPA, Co – Chairman, IGBC Mumbai Chapter & Executive Board Member, IGBC, Mr. Sharat Rao, Chairman, Indian Plumbing Association among other industry players.

Harit Jal Vaayu brought together over 350 delegates and business experts from the Construction, Infrastructure, Cement, Architecture, Realty and Electronic industries to congregate, interact, network, discuss the latest innovations, source business solutions and gather invaluable expert support, under one roof.

The conference also provided a platform for addressing contemporary topics like Breaking new Barriers in Green Engineering, Net Zero Building – giving back to the environment with Carbon-neutral structures, Smart and efficient buildings powered by Hybrid Geothermal Technologies and Sustainable Community living in a ‘Green Ashram’.

Mr. Vishal Kapur, National President, ISHRAE said, “30% (400 million) of the Indian population lives in urban areas and this figure is increasing every year and could well touch 50% ( 900 million ) by 2050. Thus, the requirement for building stock will increase multiple times and we need to ensure that the growth is responsible and sustainable. Affordable & efficient thermal comfort, water conservation and green buildings are the way forward. A conference like Harit- Jal – Vayu is a good platform to build awareness and bring forward the solutions and technologies of the future. We are expecting an exceptional turnout of participants and eminent speakers handpicked from various industries to address new developments in the infrastructure industry.”

Gurmit Singh, National President, IPA and Co-Chairman and Board Member CII – IGBC said, “We at IPA and IGBC are delighted to be part of the Harit Jal Vaayu seminar. Convergence of building services is very important for the proper functioning of a building.”

Sharat Rao , Chairman IPA Mumbai Chapter said, “Indian Plumbing Association ( IPA) is honored to be a part of this wonderful event “Harit, Jal,Vayu. We collectively believe that plumbing has an immense role to play in shaping the Environment awareness especially on the conservation front.”

Ajaj Kazi, President – ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter said, “ISHRAE is honored and delighted to be part of the Great Initiative of “Hari Jal Vayu” Seminar. This is a great gathering of building systems and services for smooth operation and sustainability of buildings.”
This seminar also included a talk on a never-before spoken topic: how Spirituality and Sustainability go hand in hand, by HH Gauranga Das, Life Coach and Mentor – ISCKON.

SYMPOSIA 2016: A seminar on Non Conventional HVAC Systems

ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter in association with ISHRAE Thane Chapter and ASHRAE Mumbai Chapter concluded its annual National Program ‘SYMPOSIA’ with the focus of ‘NON-CONVENTIONAL HVAC SYSTEMS’ on June 17, 2016 at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Andheri (East), Mumbai with over 300 delegates. The seminar brought together leaders of this field to share a comprehensive overview of this rapidly expanding area of non-conventional HVAC systems.

The Conference revolves around innovative theme every year and have chosen current year theme on Non Conventional HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems. In the current times air conditioning has become a necessity rather than a luxury but at the same time a guzzler of power. Non Conventional HVAC Systems will discuss the newer technologies available for air conditioning that are energy efficient and environment friendly. It promises to be a day of learning and sensitization of the technologies evolving today. The day will see presentations by eminent speakers from across the country on multistage evaporative systems, 4 pipe systems/heat pumps, adsorption Chillers, underfloor air distribution Systems and geothermal and radiant cooling systems.

The major partners to the program were A.T.E. Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, Mitsubishi Electric/Climaveneta, Dessicant Rotors International Pvt. Ltd, Schneider Electric IT Business India Pvt. Ltd. The allied societies supporting the event were IGBC (Indian Green Building Council), FSAI (Fire and Safety Association of India) ,RATA (Refrigeration and Air conditioning Traders Association), AWESOME, IPA (Indian Plumbing Association) and IAEMP (Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals)

Mr. Sachin Maheshwari, National President, ISHRAE said, “ISHRAE holds similar interesting conferences on different themes throughout the country to meet one of its prime objectives of dissemination of knowledge.”

Mr. K. Ramachandran, Immediate National past president, ISHRAE and ACREX 2017 Chairman said, “Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) as the foremost technical society in the field in India is very concerned about energy conservation which is of critical importance to humankind. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is vital for human comfort and critical for healthcare, hospitality, electronics, and food preservation and served other industrial, commercial and residential applications. While efforts are on to reduce the power consumption in conventional systems by improved designs, equally important is looking at alternative sources of energy and even unconventional methods of cooling. Use of available waste heat in absorption refrigeration machines, use of geo-thermal cooling, solar powered cooling systems, cooling of structures using water or air as well as concepts such as “adaptive thermal comfort” open up new vistas to explore for the HVAC & R engineer. The annual “SYMPOSIA” organized by ISHRAE Mumbai Chapter carefully examines cooling using unconventional as well as renewable energy sources. Participants are sure to take away learning’s which will be very useful in the days to come.”

Mr. Nandlal R. Singh,ISHRAE Mumbai President said, “The seminar was focused on good manufacturing practices and environmentally friendly designs that not only ensure quality products, but also the safety and well being of all personnel. The key speakers focused on the need for manufacturing standards, essential for making sure that design, systems and equipment installation are done while eliminating risks. All the issues and trends on the role of Non Conventional HVAC systems were discussed at Symposia.”

Mr. Amod Dikshit, Convener and Mr. R. N. Joshi, Co-covener, ISHRAE said, “As a HVAC consultant, we face a question as what’s new, economical in running and effective in long run. When we sat down for this year’s theme, the “non conventional HVAC” was on top of our mind. We ensure that all committee members are equally committed to power saving and green concepts and readily accepted the same. We both are sure that this will be a fantastic look into possibilities of better systems of tomorrow and popular in time to come.