Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia 2017 sets new records

More than 30 percent more exhibition space
Growth in exhibitor’s participation by 15 percent
7100+ visitors, an increase of more than 12 percent

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia, in their second edition as co-located event, set new records by bringing 7,100 trade visitors and 283 exhibitors together at the Gujarat University Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, from March 1 to 3, 2017. Exhibitors and visitors were extremely satisfied with the presentation of technologies and the accompanying events. Increases were recorded in all important areas—the number of visitors, the number of exhibitors and the total amount of exhibition space, and companies showcased over 400 brands of machinery, raw materials, innovative solutions and technologies for the ceramics industry. Exhibitors included domestic and international companies such as Ashapura Minechem, Astron Zircon, Cretaprint, Daga Mines & Minerals, De Boer Damle, Imerys, Foshan DLT Technology, Floorex, Monte-Bianco Diamond Applications, Sabo, SACMI, SITI, Sol Inks and Torrecid.

Gerhard Gerritzen, Member of the Management Board at Messe München GmbH, and Amen Liao, President of Unifair Exhibition Service, are encouraged by the success of this event. “Thanks to these results, we have set a milestone. Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia has established itself as number one for the ceramics industry in the Asian region. Increases in all areas do an impressive job of confirming that this is an indispensable platform for the ceramics industry.”
After China, Italy accounted for the second-largest contingent of exhibitors, and Emilio Benedetti, Vice President of ACIMAC (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment for Ceramics) and CEO of LB Officine Meccaniche, was very positive about the results of this year’s exhibition: “The cooperation between Indian Ceramics and Ceramics Asia was the right decision and had already fruitful results in the last year. The exhibition is an important showcase to show our technologies to the Indian Market. This year the quality of the trade fair increased and we are satisfied about the number and quality of visitors.”

Most visitors were decision-makers
Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia was larger than ever, occupying 12,000 square meters of space, an increase of more than 30 percent. The exhibition also set a new record in the number of visitors: For the first time ever, more than 7,100 visitors attended the exhibition. According to Igor Palka, COO of Messe München India, and Ken Wong, General Manager of Unifair Exhibition Service: “Significant economic growth in India is the driving force behind these increases. Demand for high-quality products in the ceramics industry is on the rise. Corresponding machines and systems are needed to manufacture these products, and they are available here.” Exhibitors not only praised the further increase in the number of exhibitors, but above all their professionalism and the positions they hold at their companies. “We met the right buyers from the ceramic building material and architecture sector, who attended to witness innovative solutions,” said Dhananjay Singh, Marketing Manager, Torrecid India. He added: “We are happy to present out products at Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia, which proved to be a great platform for all ceramic manufacturers in the country.”

First-rate supporting program
Besides the exhibition, visitors attending Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia also enjoyed a first rate program of conferences and related events about the latest research results, trends and recommendations for day-to-day operations. As a result, Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia further strengthened their role as an expert forum and knowledge hub. The Innovation Exchange Forum received a great deal of attention and was very well received on all three days of the exhibition. Well-known representatives of the ceramics industry made 30-minute presentations and discussed challenges and future concepts for the Asian market. On behalf of the other

speakers and attendees, K.D. Sanghavi from Interkiln Industries Limited summed things up as follows: “We are keen to understand the market dynamics, current trends and meet potential buyers. By participating at Indian Ceramics, we have been able to meet all our participation objectives. We also attended the Innovation Exchange Forum, cfi – Ceramics Forum International and brick industry workshop and found it highly informative and relevant to our business.”

Other new events on the agenda such as the Buyer-Seller Forum, which was organized by Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia for the first time ever, generated huge interest and reported strong participation. Top decision makers conducted over 150 face-to-face meetings with the exhibitors. Among many others, the following companies participated as buyers: Roca Bathroom Products, Kohler India Corporation Ltd., Soka Ukraine, Cera Sanitaryware, Paradise Sanitaryware.

Another popular event was the iBaRT(India Brick and Roof Tile Exhibition) Workshop titled “Mechanization of Traditional Indian Clay Brick Industry: Challenges and Opportunities”, which focused on the current and future significance of the heavy clay sector, one of the industry’s key segments. One of the leading supplier of machinery and installations for Brick Industry, Anand Damle, Managing Director of De Boer Damle Indian Private Limited, said: “At Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia we met potential customers and displayed our new technology. We also attended the brick workshop where we learnt latest trends and market knowledge.”

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia is organized by Messe München India, a subsidiary of Messe München, and Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. in China.

The next Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia takes place from March 7 to 9, 2018 at Ahmedabad, Mumbai. All the important information on both exhibitions is available at or at

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia opens on a high note

· Record number of trade visitors on opening day – 15 percent increase
· Industry influencers and key dignitaries attended the inauguration ceremony
· Accompanying programs: Innovation Exchange well received; cfi – Ceramic Forum International and brick industry workshop on day two and three

Leading international trade fairs for suppliers to the ceramics industry, Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia opened on a high note as the event welcomed 15 percent more trade visitors on the opening day as compared to the past edition. 2017 marks as a strong year with 300 exhibitors showcasing over 400 represented brands.

Taking place from March 1 to 3, 2017 at Gujarat University Exhibition Centre, Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the grand opening of Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia saw presence of industry influencers and dignitaries such as Mr. G G Trivedi, President of Indian Ceramics Society; Mr. K Muraleedharan, Director – Central Glass & Ceramics Research Institute; Mr. Hakimuddin Ali, Chairman – Indian Refractories Makers Association; Mr. K G Kundariya, President, (Vitrified division) – Morbi ceramics Association; Dr. Francesco Pensabene, Trade Commissioner – Embassy of Italy; Mr. Gerhard Gerritzen, Dy. Managing Director – Messe Muenchen GmbH and Mr. Amen Liao, President – Unifair Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.

Igor Palka, COO of Messe Muenchen India says: “We are delighted to receive such overwhelming response on the opening day. With live technology on display, high-knowledge conferences and networking programs, there is so much to experience at the trade fairs. The energy at the show floor is very positive and we expect the momentum to continue for the next two days as well.”

Ken Wong, General Manager, Unifair Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. adds: “We are pleased to see a tremendous visitor growth as compared to the past edition. Our participants will be able to explore more business opportunities in the coming days too.”

Technology on display
Spread over 11,000 sqm. of total space, the trade fairs bring more machinery and raw materials for the ceramics industry. Concurrently, India Brick and Roof Tile (iBaRT) and India Engineering & Technical Ceramics trade fairs are taking place. About 300 global and domestic exhibitors from countries like Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Italy, Spain, Thailand, Netherlands, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA and India are showcasing innovative solutions for the ceramics industry.

Networking and educational programs
Day one saw attendees engaging in the Innovation Exchange where new-to-market technologies and solutions are being showcased. Buyers got the chance to interact with participating exhibitors and enquire about their new offerings.

Interested in exploring newest technologies, buyers attending from across India participated in the Buyer-Seller Forum which is one of the new attractions of the event. Over 100 meetings were conducted at the Buyer-Seller Forum and 40 buyers participated in the program.

With more networking programs and knowledge rich conferences lined up for the next two days, the trade fairs look promising for the coming days. Palka concludes by adding: “It is great to see that the trade fairs began on such a high note and will continue to offer value to the attendees, by combining knowledge, technology and networking opportunities.

Additional information about both exhibitions is available at or at

Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia to set new records

Approximately one month before it is due to begin, Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia has set a new record in the amount of booked exhibition space. To meet increased demand, the trade fair for the ceramics industry in Southeast Asia, which already increased the amount of space it occupied in 2016, had to do so again. From March 1 to 3, visitors at the Gujarat University Exhibition Centre in Ahmedabad will find the Who’s Who of the domestic and international ceramics industry on more than 11,000 square meters of exhibition space (2016: 9,500 square meters). Besides the latest industry solutions that are tailored to the Asian market, visitors can also look forward to a unique supporting program.

Status: High demand for space
All well-known companies in the ceramics industry have registered for Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia 2017—many of them requesting more space than organizers had expected. On more than 11,000 square meters of exhibition space, visitors can gather information about the entire value chain in the ceramics industry, from classic to high-tech ceramics, from some 250 exhibitors. Among other things, industry giants such as Colorobbia, Cretaprint, De Boer, Dorst, Eirich, Esmalglass-Itaca, H&R Johnson, Imerys, Netzsch, Sabo, SACMI, Sibelco, SITI B&T, Smalticeram, Smaltochimica, System, Torrecid and Verdes will be represented in Ahmedabad. The number of international exhibitors participating in this year’s fair in particular has increased by another 20 percent. Dr. Robert Schönberger, Exhibition Group Director for ceramitec & Indian Ceramics, is pleased that interest among companies is so high: “Even now, the number of registered companies is already higher than the final number from last year. The increased number of exhibitors underscores the fair’s significance for the southeast Asian ceramics market.”

First-rate supporting program
Besides the fair, visitors attending Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia can enjoy the added value of a first-rate supporting program that includes the Innovation Exchange Forum, the cfi – Ceramic Forum International – Workshop, the I-Bart Workshop and the new Buyer-Seller Forum. This combination of a trade show and a forum program is unique for the industry in this region.

Innovation Exchange Forum
The Innovation Exchange Forum is a know-how forum where the latest trends and new technologies in the ceramics industry are introduced in best-practice presentations. This is the fourth time that the forum is being held in conjunction with the fair. To provide trade visitors and other interested parties with the best possible information, topics are selected in close cooperation with industry partners in India. Renowned speakers from the industry, from trade associations and above all from the show’s exhibitors will lead visitors through the program in 30-minute slots.

cfi – Ceramic Forum International – Workshop
The Ceramic Forum International Workshop is also being held for the fourth time. The title of this year’s workshop is “Advanced Process Technologies and Raw Material Solutions for the Indian Market.” The workshop starts at 10:30 on the second day of the fair with a Q&A session before moving on to practical applications and technical implementation.

I-Bart Workshop
The title of the first I-Bart Workshop is “Mechanization of Traditional Indian Clay Brick Industry: Challenges and Opportunities.” It takes place from 10:00–13:00 on March 3, 2017. Well-known representatives of the heavy clay ceramics industry underscore the significance that this sector of the industry has to the trade fair. They will share important insights into the future of this key ceramics sector.

Buyer-Seller Forum
The Buyer-Seller Forum is also being held at Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia for the first time. Specially organized meetings allow exhibitors and the industry’s leading managers to exchange ideas and information. Everyday between 11:00 and 16:00, participants have a chance to meet, conduct business and make new contacts.

Online visitor registration
Anyone who is interested can register online for Indian Ceramics & Ceramics Asia ( Visitors who register in advance can access the fair directly via special counters. More than 7,000 visitors are expected.

Additional information about both exhibitions is available at or at