IMO killing support for third party instant messaging networks

IMO announced this week that they have decided to focus on their own messaging protocol. As a result, they would stop supporting third party instant messaging networks.

Basically, you would no longer be able to use their apps to connect to Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Skype and other platforms.

The company said:

To provide the best and most reliable service for our users, we need to focus on the areas we feel we can make the biggest impact. We are now going to concentrate on building out our own communications platform to help people easily connect in their everyday lives. Our goal is to create the fastest and most reliable messaging, voice and video call service in the world.

They are giving their users a week to download their chat histories from third party networks.

Here is the mailer:

IMO for Android gets a brand new user interface and sticker support

IMO has updated their mobile app for Android. The app now features a brand new user interface and there are also now stickers which are very popular in competing group messaging apps.

The company said:

Today we updated our Android app with a beautiful, smoother UI. Our Android users will notice the app has a much cleaner look and closely follows Android design guidelines.


Easier to access chat actions
Swipe to quickly dismiss open chats
Unified contact list

Imo for Android and iOS now support 30 languages

Imo announced today that they are now supporting as many as 30 languages on their instant messaging platform.

IMO offer solutions on Google Android and Apple iOS based smartphones and tablets.

Supported languages:

Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

IMO adds video calling to their Android beta app

IMO has updated the beta edition of their Android app with a brand new feature: Video calling.

The company said that they plan to roll it out to their Apple iPhone and Apple iPad apps too in the future.


Once the video chat has started, you have the option to mute your microphone, turn off your camera, switch between speaking into your headset or through the phone’s speakers, or go back to your chats. Double tapping on the video will adjust the video chat from full screen to a smaller size.

Imo on Android switches to WebP for image sharing

Imo on Android switches to WebP for image sharing

Imo has revealed that they are now using WebP image format for photo sharing on their Android apps.

WebP format allows them to save on data transmission costs as they are smaller than JPEGs.

WebP is a format developed by Google as an alternative to JPEGs and PNGs for image hosting on the web. It is supported by Google Chrome and Opera Browser natively.

Opera uses it on their Turbo platform for optimizing web content on their mobile and desktop browsers.

IMO: Skype is blocking us and there is nothing we can do about it

IMO: Skype is blocking us and there is nothing we can do about it

IMO has confirmed that Microsoft is blocking access to Skype preventing them from connection to their instant messaging platform.

Microsoft recently merged their Live Messenger and Skype platforms so to connect to Live Messenger as well, you need access to the Skype platform.

Skype of course has apps for multiple platforms but no web access outside without a plugin. This alone ensures that devices like Chrome OS completely lose access to Skype because of the platform limitations.

Imo loses access to Skype connectivity

IMO confirmed in a tweet that they are no longer able to connect to Skype servers. This means that IMO users can no longer login to their Skype accounts. And since Skype and Live Messenger have merged, users are basically losing access to two networks.

IMO has become one of the most popular web based multi-protocol instant messaging platform ever since Meebo was acquired by Google and killed. It is also one of the few ways you can access Skype inside a web browser.

Microsoft is adding a web based version of Skype on their webmail service but it requires a browser plugin. This means that users of Linux and Chrome OS would probably be left out.

Imo beta on Android now allows you to create an imo account using Google credentials

Imo has updated their beta app for Google Android devices with a new functionality. Users can create a new imo account using their existing Google account on the phone.

Imo beta on Android now allows you to create an imo account using Google credentials

Imo still allows you to access individual services without creating an imo account. The company said:

To get started, click on the Google icon in the bottom left of the sign-up page, and choose the Google account you want to use to verify your imo Network account. You will then need to allow the permissions. Once you’ve done this, you can fill out the information for your profile.

Imo on Google Android get ads

Imo on Google Android get ads

IMO has finally started monetizing their instant messaging app on Google Android devices.

The company is allowing users to opt out of ads by paying USD 1.99 per year.

IMO already offer an ad-free experience on the desktop for USD 4.99.

The company said:

If you have already purchased an imo Premium Account on the web, you will not see ads on the Android app. If you choose to opt out of ads on Android first, and would like to later upgrade to a Premium Account on the web, you can do so for a discounted price of $2.99 USD. Eventually users will be able to sign up for Premium Accounts on Android and iOS.