reddit finally realizes that they created a monster competition in Imgur by not offering native image uploads

Reddit today announced internal feature for uploading images while creating a new post on the social platform.

This feature is not exactly new as the company has been testing it in their official apps for a while now.

Ability to upload an image at the time of posting new content means that users no longer have to use a third party service like Imgur first.

Image Hosting on Reddit from announcements

Imgur was originally created by a reddit user to provide a simple hosting service for reddit users. Eventually the service added social features enabling the creation of a community based on uploading images and videos. Today it is one of the most popular social platforms on the web today.

Reddit stated that a self-managed image hosting service was made necessary because of the growing popularity of mobile devices where it is kind of hard to multiple services at the same time to create new content on the platform. However, if they had launched such a feature few years ago, they would not have to deal with a massive competitor in the form of Imgur.

This is generally a good news for reddit users who were forced to use Imgur for sharing their animated GIFs and other original content as the service has become quite bloated in recent times as it struggles to come up with new ideas to keep the community hooked to their platform. There have also been issues with censorship of content which forced users to look for alternative services like Slimg.

Remains to be seen if this new feature introduced by reddit would hit Imgur traffic in a noticeable way in the coming months. The social market is pretty huge and both companies should be able to grow their audience without hurting one another.

Imgur now has Topics for you to restrict your enjoyment to specific subjects

Imgur this week launched a brand new feature on their social platform focused on images. They call this new feature Topics and as the name suggest, you can now select pre-defined topics to get content focused around that subject.

The company said:

Introducing topics! Topics make it easier for people to explore images and find stories that are connected to their particular interests and passions while keeping the serendipity that we love. Sometimes you’re in the mood for something funny while sometimes you just want to learn.
You’ll find Topics among your gallery sorts. If you’ve browsed the best of Most Viral, head over to Funny for some laughs, or Storytime for the best “that one time” moments.

Introducing Topics – Imgur Blog

Imgur Pro is being discontinued. All features to become free. One display ad would remain.

Imgur today revealed that they are killing their paid plan. All the Imgur Pro features are now going to be available to all. There is one disappointment though… There is going to be one display ad. And since there is no Pro account… you cannot get rid of it officially.

I wish Imgur had kept a Pro plan that removed all forms of advertising.

Imgur killing Paid edition with all features becoming free for all

Imgur launches web tool to convert videos to animated GIFs

Imgurians love animated GIFs and to help them make spectacular GIF animations, the company has launched a power web tool to let them convert video to these cute little clips for easy sharing on the web.

The service is also capable of using online video sharing services as source and create GIFs out of them.

Interestingly, YouTube is rolling out their own tool that let users export YouTube hosted videos as Animated GIFs.

Who would have guessed that GIFs would be so popular in year 2015. Our future is doomed certainly.

Funny enough Imgur does convert animated GIFs to MP4 format for optimized broadcast over the web so there’s that.

Introducing Video to GIF – Imgur Blog
Imgur: Video to GIF

Imgur now convert Animated GIFs to MP4s with GIFV extension

Imgur today announced a major update on their network. The popular social platform is now converting animated GIFs to MP4 files just like Twitter. Imgur is going one step ahead and using a brand new GIFV extension for these files.

Imgur said:

With all these improvements, Imgur will now denote converted MP4s with a “.gifv” extension. The intention is to signal to users throughout the Internet that these links will feature a GIF experience that incorporates all the current and future enhancements made through Project GIFV. Imgur plans to submit an accompanying specification to relevant standards organizations before the end of the year.

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Since MP4 files are much smaller than corresponding GIF files, Imgur would now allow uploads of animated GIFs of size up to 50MBs.

Imgur gets a redesign with support for tagging and custom galleries with trends

Imgur with Tags

Imgur has rolled out a major update in beta currently available to Pro users as an opt-in feature. This update improves upon the social and discovery features on the platform.

The company has finally added support for tagging images and galleries shared by the users. This should massively boost the discoverability of great content focused on your choice of topics.

Tagging would also improve the searching capabilities of their search feature. Reading images is hard which makes community powered tagging so much useful on a platform like Imgur.

The company would also show trending tags similar to other social platforms. Users can also now create custom galleries powered by tags so that they can restrict their Imgur experience to topics that interests them.

The search experience has also been boosted as you can filter results based on keywords, tags, file type and size of the image.

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Google Chrome OS Files app to soon support drag and drop between HTML5 apps and Google Drive

Google developers have fixed a major issue in their Chrome OS platform. Users would soon be able to drag and drop Google Drive files directly from Files app to web apps like Gmail and Imgur. This would work for files that are not locally cached. Files app would cache the file and initiate the upload in the web app.

This feature is currently available in the Chrome OS dev build. But should soon land in the beta build.

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